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White Gold Nose Pin Designs for Those Who Don’t Play by the Book

Ace tennis star Sania Mirza is a well-known figure the world over. When she’s on the tennis court, she wins hearts with her powerful game. When she’s outside the court, she turns heads with her impeccable sense of style. But the one thing that always manages to draw attention towards her, regardless of whether she’s on the court or off it, is her nose trinket. Mirza is not the only one who has given this traditional piece of ornament a stylish revival. From Vidya Balan to Sonam Kappor, from Lady Gaga to Scarlet Johansson, celebrities across the globe are smitten by this tiny trinket.

Trendy and alluring, the nose trinket is one piece of jewellery that never fails to entice with its appeal. Not surprisingly, modern fashionistas are bowled over with it. Traditionally, nose pins are made of gold and they shine on the wearer like a little piece of golden sun. But if you don’t want to play by the book, white gold is your best bet. In the recent times, white gold nose pin designs have been creating a rage as a fashion statement and are being flaunted with aplomb by today’s women.

BlueStone’s White Gold Nose Pin Designs: A Must-have Fashion Accessory

The nose pin is a versatile piece of jewellery that can complement all kinds of looks and getup, be it traditional, ethnic, modern, casual, or trendy. BlueStone’s white gold nose pin collection validates this fact through the eclectic designs and styles. Not so long ago, nose pins were the prerogative of the married women. But today, it has evolved into a trend-setting fashion accessory that can be worn any woman, regardless of her marital status. At BlueStone, we have white gold nose pins that are perfect for the modern women.

Each of our designs is highlighted with a single colourful gemstone that sparkles against the white gold base. Created with 18k gold, our designs come alive due to the expert craftsmanship of our workers. Consider our Peony Nose Pin as an example. This nose pin exhibits a classic design and has a round cut pink sapphire shining brightly against on its white gold body. It is a soulful design that can be the ideal fashion accessory to flaunt at a party or can be a part of your everyday jewellery.

Wear a Piece of Art on your Nose

BlueStone’s white gold nose ornaments reflect a blend of imagination and artistry. When you buy white gold nose pin designs from this collection, you will come across elegant pieces that can magically transform your look. Take, for instance, our Jasmine Nose Screw. Classy and tasteful, this sapphire-studded nose trinket will draw all attention towards you when you step out wearing it. The quadrangular charm of the princess cut blue sapphire takes the bling quotient of this piece by several notches.

As a premier online jeweller, BlueStone provides you the option to explore and buy white gold nose pins online. We provide our valued customers various advantages such as 30-days money back guarantee, lifetime exchange policy, buy-back policy, and highly competitive white gold nose pin prices.

Discover Sapphire-studded White Gold Nose Pins by BlueStone

Sapphires have always set hearts afire with their beautiful colours and exceptional glow. At BlueStone, we have an assortment of exotic sapphire studded white gold nose pin designs. Among our popular pieces is the Peony Nose Screw. Set with a pink sapphire, this nose pin is sure to light up your look with its elegant design and classic style. If your heart loves the allure of blue sapphires, we have exceptional beauties like the Jasmine Nose Pin. With its trendy design, this nose pin gives the perfect finishing touch to your party look and workwear attire alike.

Experience the Beauty of BlueStone’s Topaz-studded White Gold Nose Pins

The lustre and cool tones of topaz can add to the beauty of any ornament. BlueStone’s white gold nose pins offer you colourful topaz-studded beauties that will make everyone go green. A case in point is the Periwinkle Nose Screw. This blue topaz nose pin is a stunner in itself. If you prefer the nose pin version of the same design, go for our Periwinkle Nose Pin. You can wear this versatile piece as part of your party wear, workwear, or everyday jewellery.

When you want to pamper yourself with the best of white gold nose pin designs, BlueStone is your best option. What’s more? Our affordable price range makes these designs an ideal gifting option too. Whether you are looking for a nose ornament for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, check out our online store and make your pick today.

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