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White Gold Bracelet: White is the New Yellow

Gold bracelets have become an indispensable part of any stylish individual’s wardrobe. However, not everyone is a fan of the glittering gold. For men and women who prefer class to pricey glitter, white gold was invented and ornaments made of white gold were designed. Today, the trendy white gold bracelet designs as well as other statement pieces made in white gold rule the wardrobes of men and women who refuse to play by the book.

History of white gold jewellery

Jewellery made of white gold became popular in the 1920s even though the metal was invented in the nineteenth century and was commercially made available in 1912. People’s desire for a low cost alternative to platinum had paved the way for the invention of the metal. White gold is made by blending gold with nickel, copper, zinc, or palladium. During the World War II, as the use of nickel was limited to the military, palladium became a standard choice for making white gold.

Like jewellery made of any other metal, white gold jewellery also had its share of ups and downs. In the 1990s, the jewellry regained its popularity and has never gone out of vogue since then.

Buy white gold bracelets online at BlueStone

At BlueStone, we believe in taking every possible step to make your jewellery shopping a pleasurable experience. And that is why we present you with an e-commerce store like none other. We take pride in our extensive collection of white gold bracelet designs and the finest pieces from other categories. Our attempt to make your experience of buying white gold bracelets online does not stop at displaying an ever-growing collection. We also offer great deals on our exquisite pieces and a home-try-on option. When you buy bracelets from us, you are sure to get the best white gold bracelets price. Make the most of our platform and buy white gold bracelet designs online from us.

BlueStone’s stunning collection of white gold bracelets designs

What makes BlueStone a favourite with jewellery enthusiasts is our ever-growing collection that is designed keeping in mind the changing fashion needs of men and women. From minimalistic designs to diamond and ruby studded pieces we have, everything a white gold bracelet lover is looking for. For instance, the Petals Bracelet made of 18kt white gold and studded with diamond and ruby is considered by many as a classic must-have piece. The 18kt Young Blossoms Bracelet is studded with a gorgeous aquamarine diamond which makes it an ideal gift for special occasions such as anniversaries. An elegantly crafted diamond bracelet in 18kt white gold, the Young Blossoms has the word ‘love’ stamped on it. What else would make a better gift for the love of your life than this fashionable piece?

If you are a party animal, we have the right white gold bracelet designs for you. The Style Icon Bracelet embellished with a diamond and blue sapphire is sure to place you where the eyeballs fall. For those who believe that simple is powerful, we have the Contour Axis Bracelet, a diamond embellished one. Be sure to pair these 18kt white gold bracelets with a classy dress. 

The Julianna Bracelet is for the ones whose goal for the year is to uphold the human values of faith, love, and hope. The diamond embellished Woman of Substance Bracelet is specially designed for the bold and beautiful women of the modern world. We have an elegantly crafted white gold bracelet design for the men of substance too – the Eligible Bachelor Bracelet. This multi-stone bracelet studded with blue topaz and diamond is sure to reflect your multifaceted personality and offbeat nature.

To cater to the needs of men and women who prefer class to glitter, we add new white gold bracelet designs and patterns to our collection from time to time. Browse through the ever rising collection and be ready to get mesmerised.

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