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Pretty crystals of topaz are seen in different colours in the markets today. Although the pure version of topaz is believed to be colourless, the addition of tints makes it prettier and varied. These coloured varieties look exceptionally pretty in earrings. Patterns in blue and yellow topaz are some of the common topaz earring designs that you can find in real and virtual stores. This gorgeous gemstone, formed by the fusion of silicate minerals, is believed to be the birthstone of November babies. Besides, everyone and anyone who loves tinted gemstones can opt for topaz designs for absolutely any and every occasion. They seem to complement diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones well.

Studded Beauties: Buy Topaz Earring Designs

Studs have been in use as far as jewellery has been in existence - well, almost. These are the simplest and most basic forms of earrings that make a pair for great daily wear or otherwise. Some of these simple beauties in yellow topaz can be seen in the Royce Earrings and the Amarela Earrings. The ones flaunting flashy diamonds and floral patterns include the Amerouge Earrings, the Noilly Earrings, the Selgia Earrings, the Torille Earrings, the Trifolia Earrings and the Solar Plexus Chakra Earrings.

Blue topaz studs look exceptionally pretty when coupled with their diamond counterparts - diamonds. This duo can be seen in simplistic versions of the Quentao Earrings, the Kurant Earrings, the Charis Stud Earrings, the Mirella Earrings and the Voia Earrings. Relatively bigger and expressive variants are the Lylia Earrings, the Azyr Earrings, the Hastan Earrings, the Paloma Earrings and the Calliope Earrings. Studs are not just for women. There are pieces for the men and children too like the Beau Stud for Him in a cuboid blue topaz and the Angelic Flower Earrings for Kids set in yellow topaz. Choose a pair for your loved ones and buy topaz earrings online with great ease.

Floral Charm and Topaz: The Killer Combination

When it comes to earrings, a flower does no harm. Floral earrings set in topaz either plain, with diamonds or in pearls, from a rather charming pair. These pretty pieces are sure to dazzle in your ears and liven up any occasion or drab day. Choose your favourite colour and buy topaz earring designs from the BlueStone site. Flower power in blue is seen in the beautifully crafted pieces like the Princess Blossom Earrings, the Ursula Drop Earrings, the Ursula Stud Earrings, the Lois Earrings and the Aqua Feather Earrings.

Floral representations normally steal the show. They can be integrated into different topaz earring designs to make the most melodious pieces of art. Staying true to the artwork they represent, some of the most beautiful depictions of florets, petals, and leaves encased in yellow topaz, with or without diamonds are seen in the Muirne Earrings, the Origa Earrings, the Picture Perfect Earrings and the Fiona Earrings.

Dazzling Danglers: Buy Topaz Earrings Online

Earrings dangling in long chains and drops from some of the most beautiful party wear pieces. They can be worn on special occasions and end up looking both pretty and sophisticated. Taking a look at yellow topaz with diamonds, there are quite a few patterns that will catch your eye. Try the thin, uneven strings of the Blazing Flare Earrings, the tri-layered affair of the Classic Flair Earrings, the delicate backward bound chain of the Arched Floret Earrings and the pristine pearl and diamond combination of the Pihu Dui Dhaga Earrings.

BlueStone has some of the most beautiful and ornate diamond studded designs set in blue topaz. These include swift curves of the Akshara Earrings, the serpentine twist of the Chantelle Earrings, the parallel strips of diamonds in the Notable Artistry Earrings and the alternating blue and white drops of the Dewdrop Blossom Earrings. Some of the designs with a unique twist are worth a mention. If you are looking for cradle-like depictions or parallel uneven, light weight danglers go with the Chrissten Drop Earrings and the Bernina Drop Earrings respectively or the oval enclosed frames of the Blooming Array Earrings.

We have more in store for you. Check out our topaz earrings’ prices across sections and pick your favourite from the lot. We wish you a wonderful shopping experience.

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