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Immerse Yourself in the Exotic Glitter of Exquisite Topaz Jewellery

Topaz attracts jewellery lovers with its colours, bright shimmer, and a rare, otherworldly glow. The beauty topaz lends to jewellery studded with it is perhaps another reason for its ever increasing popularity. With a wide array of topaz jewellery designs, BlueStone is the best place for you to buy topaz jewellery online. You’ll find a wide array of adornments in our extensive collection, from earrings and pendants to rings, bangles, bracelets, and more. Browse our assortment of exquisite jewellery to indulge in the timeless appeal of this precious gemstone.

A Powerful Stone: Symbolism of Topaz and Its Many Colours

Derived from the Greek word “topazion” and the Sanskrit word “tapas”, which means fire or heat, topaz is a stone with great worth across different cultures in the world. It also gets its name from an Egyptian island named Topazos, now called St Johns Island, in the Red Sea. It is believed that a Latin writer found these stones on the island and named them after it. Topaz has been a prized possession since the middle ages and was valued as a rare stone by the Greeks and the Romans. Many rulers of these regions wore topaz on their jewellery.

According to Hindu mythology, topaz is one amongst the Kalpa tree’s sacred stones and one of the nine gemstones on the sacred navratna (or nine gems) jewellery usually used to adorn deities. It is a belief amongst Hindus that topaz relieves thirst, lengthens life, and sharpens intelligence when worn as a pendant. Its significance is not limited to Hinduism alone. In Africa, many tribes practiced healing rituals with this semi-precious stone as it was believed that topaz helped in establishing spiritual union. The Bushmen, especially those who journeyed and worked with their ancestors for their shamanic work or practiced healing, also treated topaz as a sacred stone.

Topaz is a wonder stone that exists in many colours, from colourless and golden yellow to bright blue, fiery red, and more. Each of the colours that topaz exhibits have a special significance. Transparent, silver and white topaz reflects the spirit’s energy and brings awareness to the essence of the inner self. Blue coloured topaz is a reflection of mind’s energy and knowledge and it stimulates self-confidence and the ability to learn through complex ideas and concepts. Brown topaz is an embodiment of confidence, stability, strength, and commitment. Which colour do you love the most? 

Get Spoilt of Choice: Buy Topaz Jewellery Designs at BlueStone

Irrespective of its rich symbolism in the ancient past, if there’s one thing that has remained constant, then it is how beautiful topaz looks on any piece of jewellery. And the collection of topaz jewellery at BlueStone is handcrafted to impress. Our collection includes a wide range of jewellery with topaz studded on high purity white or gold, which is the perfect metal for making classic topaz jewellery. Our exquisite assortment also includes great combinations of topaz with other precious gems, such as diamonds, pearls, and more, that accentuate the radiance of topaz.

Pendants that Spell Royal Elegance

Of all the gorgeous jewellery in our collection, there are some that need special mention. The Avyukta Pendant is one of them. It is made of 18kt gold and shaped like a delicate leaf with golden veins. It features a diamond and a pear-shaped blue topaz that will take your breath away. Another pendant studded with diamonds and a pear-shaped blue topaz is the Courtly Cygnet Pendant designed especially for kids. You can’t take your eyes off the pretty swan made of 18kt gold shimmering with the stones studded on it. If you want a masterpiece made of 18kt white gold, then you would love the Notable Artistry Pendant studded with diamonds and a teardrop topaz with brilliant cuts on the bright blue stone.

Wear the Glow with Topaz Earrings

Complete your look by adding a pair of gorgeous topaz studs to your attire. The Paloma Earrings will fit the bill perfectly. They are made of 18kt white gold and studded with the brightest blue topaz, diamonds, and an iolite. If you’re looking for a pair of drop earrings, the Ursula Drop Earrings will mesmerise you with their topaz-studded 18kt gold design. We have enough reasons for fashion-conscious, jewellery-loving men to rejoice. The Beau Stud, designed exclusively for men, is made of 18kt white gold and a square-shaped topaz that will enchant you with its soothing colour.

Rings of Fire and Ice: Stones in an Array of Colours

There’s no match to our topaz rings. They are one of their kinds and feature the highest quality stones studded on them. The Lovely Blossoming Ring is fit for royalty with its stunning 18kt white gold body studded with four sparkling blue topaz gemstones accompanied by multiple shimmering diamonds. The Mirella Ring will set your heart on fire with its icy blue heart-shaped topaz and diamonds on an 18kt gold band. Treat yourself to the beauties in our collection or buy them for your loved ones. These priceless pieces are all available at great topaz jewellery prices.

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