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Topaz Ring Designs: For Beautiful Women Who Deserve Beautiful Rings

When it comes to rings, cocktail rings and engagement rings get all the glory. But you don’t really have to be engaged or attending a party to wear a ring; nor do you have to go for precious stones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires to add grace to your fingers. If you are looking to enhance your style quotient with something unique, something unconventional, here is a collection of topaz ring designs. Made of yellow and white gold and studded with breathtakingly beautiful blue topaz stones, each ring in this collection is a showstopper by itself. When you have these azure beauties in your jewellery box, you don’t have to try hard to make a style statement as unique as you.

What’s So Special about Topaz?

One of the theories about where topaz gets its name suggests that it is derived from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire or heat. In its purest form, topaz is transparent and colourless. However, impurities in the stone make it appear in many colours ranging from blue and purple to yellow and orange. Of these, the rich yellow-orange stone, which is called the Imperial Topaz, is the most valuable variety. The most commonly used variety in the jewellery industry, however, is the blue topaz as you see in the topaz rings offered by BlueStone. This hard and durable gemstone is ideal for making everyday ornaments, but it is equally suited for fine and exquisite jewellery. We at BlueStone offer you both – simple and elegant pieces fit for everyday wear and eye-catchy designs to spruce up your special moments.

Buy Topaz Rings Online for Sagittarians

Women and men born in the latter half of November and the first half of December have a special reason to wear a topaz ring – it is their birthstone. As a birthstone, topaz is associated with a number of positive qualities such as strength, passion, dedication, and determination. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a Sagittarian woman, here are a few designs you could consider.

The Princess Blossom Ring is for women who love the floral theme. It features a large floral structure made of gold and the centre of the flower is studded with a brightly shining round cut topaz. The Regal Trinity Ring, as the name suggests, is part of our trinity ring collection. It features three round blue topaz stones of which the one in the middle is a tad bit larger than the ones set on either side of it.

The Mirella Ring is for the hearts in love and makes for the perfect gift men can choose for their women on Valentine’s Day. This gold ring features a heart-shaped topaz set in the centre with two tiny diamonds on its sides. The Armas Ring has a similar design. But the heart-shaped blue topaz here is smaller and the ring features a line of diamonds on either side of the central stone. The simple and elegant pattern of this ring makes it perfect for everyday wear.

What is the Perfect Topaz Ring Design for You?

Jewellery doesn’t simply enhance a woman’s look; it enhances her personality as well. Thus what looks good on one woman will not necessarily suit another. A woman with a penchant for classic, minimalist designs will take an instant liking to the Sirrus Ring. Made of 18kt white gold, it has a round cut topaz set amidst similarly cut diamonds. If you are looking buy topaz ring designs that exude unique charm, go for the Quentao Ring with a trillion-cut topaz. The triangular beauty of the stone is accented with the sparkling diamonds surrounding it. 

A woman’s lifestyle also plays a large role in determining the kind of jewellery most suited to her. For example, a woman who likes to dress up and attend cocktail parties is likely to find the Kurant Ring or the Paloma Ring ideal for her. The Notable Artistry Ring and the Lovely Blossoming Ring are both made of white gold and studded with diamonds and pear-shaped topaz stones. The blue beauty of topaz is highlighted by the radiance of white gold and diamonds, making these pieces best-sellers among modern fashionistas.

With BlueStone offering such a mesmerising array of topaz ring designs, you don’t have to think about walking in and out of stores to find the perfect ring. From the comfort of your home, you can simply browse through our designs and pick the one you like the most. What’s more? Our topaz rings price is highly competitive. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose one ring when you have so many to pick from. If you find yourself in such a situation, why don’t you take advantage of our offer to try them on at home? You never thought online jewellery shopping can be this delightful, did you?

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