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Composite Jewellery Designs: A Cost-Effective Collection of Stunning Ornaments

Have you been looking for jewellery that stands out as the centre of attention at all the parties you attend? Have you dreamt of wearing sophisticated jewellery that highlights your fine tastes in life, especially your selection of luxurious jewellery? And have you wanted all of that at a price that doesn’t make your bank balance dwindle? Your search ends here! At BlueStone, you will find an assortment of stunning composite jewellery designs crafted in both gold and white gold to match your choice and suit your pocket. Browse our collection to choose from a magnificent range of composite jewellery.

Look Dazzling and Save Money with Exquisite Composite Jewellery

We’re not joking when we say that you can save money on exquisite jewellery. You don’t even have to pinch yourself to believe that you’re not daydreaming! The beauty of composite jewellery lies not only in its glamorous looks but also in how cost effective it is. Composite jewellery is created by setting multiple diamonds in a way that makes them look like one big piece of the precious gemstone. The cost of diamonds only increases with their increasing size, and that is where composite jewellery helps you save a lot of money without compromising on the looks of the pieces of jewellery you choose to buy. The attractive composite jewellery price of the ornaments available at BlueStone is an extension of our contribution to make alluring jewellery affordable.

Different Types of Settings in Composite Jewellery Designs

The pieces of jewellery in our collection include different types of composite settings, including cluster setting, invisible setting, and illusion setting. All you ladies who are experts at buying jewellery might be aware of what these composite settings are. For the uninitiated, we will give the information you need to help you make the right choice and buy composite jewellery designs that meet your expectations, and exceed them, too.

Cluster setting is the most common setting amongst the three types of stone settings in composite jewellery. In this type of setting, the composite or small diamonds are set very close to each other. The small metal tips between the stones are coated with rhodium for a perfect camouflage amidst the white diamonds. These small diamonds are so cleverly placed against one another that together, they create the illusion of a larger stone. Take, for instance, the way diamonds are arranged in our Mirria Ring. Made of 18kt white gold, the ring features seven sparkling diamonds arranged in a floral theme to create the mega sparkle of a larger, single diamond.

The invisible setting is almost similar to the cluster setting. The only difference between these settings is that in the invisible setting, the metal parts that hold the stones are concealed below the stones for an even diamond surface on top. Since the metal parts are invisible from the surface, the diamonds have a continuous, seamless glow. Diamonds that are cut in square shape can be arranged together without gaps and hence, are ideal for this setting. The Aliss Earrings in our collection is a fine example of the much sought-after invisible setting. At the first glance, it may seem to you that these earrings feature one large, square-shaped diamond. However, each of these earrings features four princess-cut diamonds which are placed together such that they look like a single, larger diamond.

The third type of setting is the illusion setting, which, as the name suggests, creates an illusion with the help of faceted rhodium metal placed around a small diamond. The white rhodium plating not only blends seamlessly with the colour of the diamonds but also reflects light to match the glitter of the stones.

Invaluable and Ornate Pieces of Jewellery: Composite Earrings

Composite jewellery is an absolute must-have in every woman’s jewellery trousseau. Our assortment of composite jewellery includes everything from pretty pendants, beguiling bangles, rings that are the epitome of romance, and enticing earrings amongst others. Our composite earrings collection includes finely crafted studs, hoops, and drops in both white and gold. The Pomona Earrings are a pair of magnificent studs crafted from 18kt gold and encrusted with diamonds in the centre and amethyst on the outer edges. The Sweiral Earrings and the Gina Earrings are both made of 18kt white gold and feature several sparkling diamonds arranged in the cluster setting.

If you prefer a pair of diamond-studded drops, go for the Chanchal Pushp Earrings. This pair of short drops made of 18kt gold is a perfect choice for anniversaries and special occasions. The Isria Earrings are another gold design you could consider from the drops. Those who prefer the contemporary white gold over the timeless gold can go for a pair of hoops like the Ceeran Hoop Detachable Earrings. 

Buy Composite Rings, Pendants, and Bangles

That’s not all. You can also choose from a wide range of rings, pendants, and bangles. The Tira Ring is a classy ring that spells luxury with its design. It is made of 18kt white gold and studded with diamonds featuring a cluster setting at the centre and a diamond on each of its spokes. The Candice Pendant exudes subtle sophistication with its design, which features three clusters of white diamonds that form a beautiful floral pattern, each cluster placed one below the other. There are a lot more gorgeous pieces in our composite jewellery collection. The Samhita Bangle is a masterpiece made of 18kt white gold and studded with a ruby on each end of its open-ended design. Both the rubies are surrounded by white diamonds that add to the charm of this flexible bangle, which can be adjusted for size.

When you buy composite jewellery online at BlueStone, you get the assurance of quality. The earrings, rings, bangles, and pendants in our composite jewellery collection are made with the highest quality gold and studded with radiant gemstones.

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