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Topaz Bangle Designs: For the Love of Blue

Jewellery has a way of expressing emotions that words never could. Diamonds spell out love, gold echoes of prosperity, rubies pronounce passion, and sapphires signify royalty, and so on. And a blue topaz? Well, it speaks volumes and volumes of sheer beauty and lustre. Of the many precious and semi-precious gemstones used in the jewellery industry today, topaz has won the hearts of jewellery lovers for all the right reasons. This pleochroic gem is known for its soothing qualities and lustrous appeal. BlueStone’s all new limited edition collection of topaz bangle designs aims to please one and all with its dazzling blue topaz marvels. If you are looking for a bangle that exudes class and style, here is a collection you should explore.

Everything You Should Know about Topaz

Topaz might not be as valuable or rare as a ruby or an emerald. However, what it lacks in value and rarity, it duly makes up for in popularity. There are several factors that contribute to the popularity of this fairly common and inexpensive gemstone. To begin with, topaz comes in a variety of colours, both warm and cool. From honey yellow and fiery orange to cool blue and pale green, topaz is available in almost every colour in the spectrum. Of these many colours, the yellow-orange variety, which is known as Imperial Topaz, is the most valuable one. The most commonly used variety, however, is the blue topaz, like the ones you see in the topaz bangle designs offered by BlueStone.

The popularity of this gemstone can also be attributed to its hardness, which makes it suitable for making durable jewellery. Due to its relative abundance, topaz is often preferred by people as a cost-effective alternative to many precious gemstones. Moreover, as the latest trends in the jewellery industry would reveal, more and more people are opting for coloured gemstones over diamonds. So, if you want to follow suit and make a colourful statement this season, but topaz bangle designs online from us.

Topaz Bangle Designs at BlueStone

One of the defining features of blue topaz bangles is that they add a gorgeous appeal to any outfit. The Ziara Bangle in our collection is a fine case in point. This simple piece features alternating blue topaz stones and diamonds embedded in a body made of 18kt white gold. The blue tones of the topaz complement the silvery smooth shine of the white gold, making it an absolute must-have in your everyday jewellery collection. This bangle would also make for an ideal wear to parties, formal dinners and to even boardroom presentations.

The Ananta Bangle is a complete opposite to the simplistic charms of the Ziara Bangle. It’s a stunner and an absolute festive and party wear. Made of 18kt gold, this bangle features an oval-shaped blue topaz set on a diamond-encrusted peacock feather design. This exquisite piece from our Mayura Collection showcases a very contemporary and abstract approach to designing and hence defies a lot of the conventional designs that verge on the lines of being dull and drab. If you want to buy topaz bangle designs online to recharge your jewellery collection with some modern refreshing pieces, this oval bangle design is an ideal pick. Don’t lose heart if you feel this bangle is a little above your budget. You can customise the design and get it made in 14kt gold, which will bring its price down by a few thousand rupees. Likewise, you can also customise the clarity of diamonds to make this bangle suit your budget. What more could you ask for?

A limited collection like this waits for no one. Hurry! What’s more? The topaz bangles price at BlueStone will blow your mind. Make use of our 30-day money back scheme and the home try-on option to enjoy the best shopping experience you would have ever had! The Lifetime Exchange and Buy Back Offer (though hardly ever availed by our customers) are always available on every piece of jewellery we sell. So explore our collection today and make these blue beauties yours without thinking twice.

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