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The Ever-blooming Appeal of Floral Bracelets

Flowers have an integral connection with femininity. It is a girl’s chosen gift. She uses it to decorate her home and it lifts her spirit up. She even turns it into her jewellery. It is no surprise that the most cherished trinkets in her jewellery set are nearly always floral patterns. We, at BlueStone, understand how much you love to sport floral jewellery. That’s why our designers have crafted a collection of floral bracelet designs. The bracelets in this collection do more than capturing the true essence of feminine charm. They up your bling quotient in an unparalleled manner.

The Advent and History of Floral Designs

Floral designs have been popular throughout the history. It is hard to say when people took to naturalistic designs. Nature has always been an inspiration behind artistic expressions. So it’s safe to assume that floral designs might have been used from prehistoric times. The first sign of floral design comes from the ancient civilisation of Egypt. There, the lotus flower symbol was used as a popular motif to make amulets. Lotus flower symbolised spirituality for ancient Egyptians.

Much later during the Victorian era, the interest in the floral design was renewed. Wines, flowers, leaf, and berries became the central theme in all forms of art. The age that followed the Victorian era also continued with its interest in floral designs. The Elegant and yet delicate floral designs have remained a perennial theme in the world of jewellery creation since then. Floral patterns have been used in all forms of jewellery. They, however, look gorgeous when used on floral bracelets. Today, it is not hard to find a floral bracelet in the closet of a jewellery admirer.

Why Buy Floral Bracelet Designs at BlueStone?

There are many reasons to buy a bracelet crafted in the floral theme. To begin with, they look absolutely stunning. A floral wrist ornament can easily restyle any attire into a timeless classic. A heavy pair of bangle may not fit well on all occasions. But bracelets can easily complement your style, especially when you are wearing casuals.

Floral bracelets are highly preferred by all because of their elegance. They complement your delicate wrists with its intricate patterns. They give you a sophistication that is hard to miss. The Freida Bracelet in our collection is a fine case in point. This plain gold design is made of 22kt gold. It doesn’t feature any diamonds or gemstones, either. Yet, the beauty of its floral structure is hard to say no to.

Have you ever gone to your office without a bangle or bracelet just because you couldn’t find an appropriate design? Not anymore. Our range of floral bracelets has pieces for professional women. Do you want a two-tone design to go with your office outfit? The Entwined Appeal Bracelet is your best pick. For women who love their diamonds, we have designs like the Purity Lily Bracelet.

Floral Bracelets for Every Woman

At BlueStone, you can always select the one which suits your mood and personality. The designs are so varied that you can pick a design based on your style preferences. Wish to keep it simple? Try the Nicole Bracelet made of 22kt gold. It is an elegant bracelet of three individual flowers put together in a simple chain. The pattern is timeless and yet chic.

Want to dazzle the crowd with something striking? Go for the Heavenly Sunflower Bracelet. It is a diamond bracelet carved in 18kt gold. It has a design of a sunflower with a cluster of diamond beautifully placed in the centre. The open petals on the edge grasp your imagination with its golden shine. 

Our floral bracelets are stylish and yet traditional. Put them on for a festive occasion or wear them with your western outfit. You can never go wrong with your style statement wearing the floral bracelets. With so many designs to choose from, you can definitely pick the best floral bracelets in the market at our online store.

Pick Your Flowers When You Buy Floral Bracelets Online

Do you have a favourite flower? Is it a Tulip, Rose, or a Sunflower? You name the design and we have it ready for you. You can select your favourites from the wide range of floral bracelets made in gold. Those who want to try something different can go for a rose gold bracelet. Look at the Subtle Tulip Bracelet, made of 18kt rose gold. As the name suggests, it features two beautiful tulip buds studded with diamonds.

If you love sunflowers, you will surely fall for our Sunflower of Loyalty Bracelet. A diamond-studded sunflower is the central design of this 18kt gold bracelet. The Loving Rose Bracelet is for the lovers of rose flowers. This stunning design comes with a floral structure studded with diamonds and a ruby.

That’s not all. We offer simple yet elegant designs that combine floral and animal motifs. Take, for instance, the Kirstine Bracelet. Along with two flowers, its design has a bird too. The Milena Bracelet and the Peacock Vivacity Bracelet are some of the best-sellers from this range. What’s a garden of flowers without a bird, after all?

Make Your Shopping a Pleasant Experience

Once you plan to buy the floral bracelets online, don't forget to customise the design. You can select not just the size of the bracelet but also the caratage of gold. If you are worried about our floral bracelets price, then we have news for you. You can easily flaunt these exquisite bracelets without compromising your budget.

There's also good news for those who are still in doubt about buying these gorgeous floral bracelets online. Now, you can try these floral bracelets within the comfort of your home before buying them. We are offering our customers home trial facility. Don’t forget to browse through our collection of trendy floral pendants online to match the bracelet.

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