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Blue Topaz Earrings: Beat the Blues

When you think of pampering yourself on an otherwise mundane day filled with pollution, stress, and lack of sleep, a pair of glittering earrings may often flash across your mind. Your mood is uplifted when you pick up a beautifully crafted gemstone in your hand. And the very thought of having the gem sparkling on your ears takes away stress and marks the entrance of happiness in your system.

When talking about blue gem earrings, blue topaz is the most popular, next only to sapphire. The growing demand of topaz owes to its beauty, availability, and affordability which when coupled with breathtakingly beautiful designs is an unmistakable combination! Now when you have decided to buy blue topaz earring designs, the collection at the BlueStone is something you cannot afford to miss! State-of-the-art designs crafted for all occasions will end up spoiling you!

All You Need to Know About Topaz

The name topaz has its roots in the Greek word tapazian, which originates from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire. It is also possible that topaz borrowed its name from the Egyptian island of Topazos where the gem was found in abundance. During the middle ages, topaz was a rare gem and hence, was heavily priced. Later, large deposits were unearthed in Brazil owing to which the stone became affordable for common man.

The famous Braganza diamond which was discovered in Brazil was believed to be the biggest piece of diamond ever and was put on the Portuguese crown. However, it was never confirmed that the gem was a diamond, and now it is said to be a colourless topaz. 

Since olden times topaz is believed to bestow the wearer with health and prosperity in business. Blue topaz improves the power of communication and self-expression. Besides, it helps you focus on the tasks that you have undertaken. It helps in building crystal clear thoughts regarding your career, the path you would like to choose and make important decisions regarding your career.

Buy Blue Topaz Earrings Online for All Occasions

Imbibed in ancient beliefs, blue topaz is a symbol of calmness and serenity owing to its appearance resembling water drops. The gem evokes pictures of the wind and the sky and hence, peaceful in nature - a reason why the gem is known for fighting off chaos in mind and channelizing positive energies.

Available in three blues, sky blue, swiss blue, and London blue, blue topaz earring designs at BlueStone are absolute delights! Designs have been crafted to suit your style and occasions. You may want to leave these beautiful sparkling pieces on your ears always. You can check the everyday section hosting an array of simple and decent daily wear pieces. The Voia Earrings display a simple and adorable look with blue topaz crafted in a diamond shape sitting in the centre on 18Kt white gold. The sensational Lylia Earrings are a perfect pair for daily use, can be worn to office as well. The combination of topaz and diamond is a brilliance to look at and you cannot take your eyes off when crafted in a floral shape by our talented craftsmen. The diamonds are shaped like the petal of a flower, glittering around the serenity of topaz in the middle. The frequently searched products by the loyal BlueStone customers are the Mirella Earrings, the Azyr Earrings, and the Escencia Earrings.

Our blue topaz earrings prices are extremely reasonable, especially in the work wear category. Lightweight designs have been crafted so that they will be easy on your ears and they can match any of your corporate outfits. Check our amazingly smart and stylish product – the Ursula Stud Earrings. Crafted in 18 Kt gold, the design moulds itself in the shape of a flower hosting the dazzling blue topaz in the middle.

Buy Blue Topaz Earring Designs for Special Occasions

BlueStone takes pride in crafting ravishing designs to suit all occasions, be it for office use, daily wear, or a special day like ‘anniversary’. Sparkle your wife’s heart with a dazzling piece and the Calliope Earrings are the best bet. The marvellous oval shaped earrings have diamonds shining on their sides and blue topazes entangling in between.

Did you know since ancient times, blue topaz has been associated with eternal romance? The stone mirrors deep emotional connect and clarity in feelings and this is exactly why the Truly Madly Deeply Detachable Earrings can be a perfect gift to express your love on your anniversary. The husbands out there, if you have run out of ideas owing to the monotonous corporate setting, don’t think further and grab these extraordinary beauties! Several hearts in small and big shapes entangled on to each other is a perfect piece to communicate your love. The Ace Feather Earrings are another astounding pair of earring with a rare combination of gold, white pearl and blue topaz crafted to look like a bird flapping its wings to glory.

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