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Affordable, Beautiful and Classy: The ABCs of Quartz Jewellery Designs

In the family of gemstones, quartz might not be as expensive or valuable as its precious stone cousins like rubies or emeralds. However, what it lacks in price, it makes up for in popularity. This stone is found in many colours with the rose and smoky varieties being the most popular ones. In the early days, crystal balls used by gypsies to read the future were often made with smoky quartz. Today, the gypsies may not use quartz to look into the future anymore, but jewellers love this gemstone for its hardness and brilliant colours. Since quartz is found abundantly throughout the world, it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other gemstones and hence quartz jewellery designs are something that should certainly be a part of every woman’s jewellery collection. At BlueStone, we offer you a mesmerising array of quartz jewellery made of the classic gold and the romantic rose gold.

Earrings: Where Every Woman’s Quartz Jewellery Design Collection Begins From

Quartz earrings are ideal for daily wear or for special occasions. If you’re looking for a pair of studs that will pair well with your office wear, try the Ruth Heart Earrings or the Contessa Rose Quartz Earrings. But, if you are stepping out for a Sunday brunch with your best friends, try a pair of danglers like the Rubena Drop Earrings or the Cira Rose Quartz Earrings. When you’re looking for something to make a unique style statement, try the Amor Rose Quartz Mismatch Earrings but if you want to blend traditional and modern styles, take a look at the Sui Dhaga style Betty Heart Earrings.

Make a Style Statement with Quartz Pendants

Unlike diamonds and rubies, quartz is easily available in large sizes, which makes this stone ideal for pendants. Quartz pendants are available in a variety of designs ranging from simple to ornate and traditional to modern. While a woman with a playful spirit may like the Cira Rose Quartz Pendant, a romantic woman may prefer the Greshma Heart Pendant. Given the affordability of quartz jewellery prices, these pendants are also ideal gifts. So, how about gifting your mother the Shana Heart Pendant or the Shirley Heart Pendant for her next birthday? While we’re on the subject of gifts, wouldn’t the Evelyn Love Necklace be the perfect Valentine’s Day pick for your special someone?

Quartz Rings: A Piece of Jewellery to Put You in the Spotlight

A cocktail ring is the perfect way to show off your manicured fingers and make a style statement. If you’re wearing a little black dress and a pair of striking heels for the Saturday night party, the Rubena Ring is just what you need to complete your outfit. Made of 18kt gold, it features a large smoky quartz which gives the ring an unconventional charm. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a flowery chiffon saree, you could slip on the Elea Heart Ring made of 18kt rose gold. Some of our designs like the Florence Love Ring feature only rose quartz while others like the Lia Heart Ring feature diamonds along with the rose quartz.

The Stone of Love for the Hearts in Love

Do you know that rose quartz is also called the stone of love? Staying true to this reputation of rose quartz, the designers at BlueStone have handcrafted a romantic range of rose quartz jewellery. Not only do these pieces feature the stone of love, but they are also made in the romantic hues of rose gold. Take, for instance, the Rosalie Heart Earrings. These heart-shaped earrings combine the beauty of rose quartz, the whimsical appeal of rose gold, and the sparkle of diamonds. The Phoebe Heart Earrings feature three hearts – the first one is made of rose gold, the second one is studded with diamonds, and the third one is made with rose quartz. The Rosalie Heart Pendant, the Heart to Heart Drop Earrings, and the Terra Rose Quartz Ring are other items you could consider when you buy quartz jewellery designs from us.

Affordably Yours: Buy Quartz Jewellery Online with BlueStone

The one thing that keeps many women from buying jewellery online is that they have to make their choice by looking at a picture. We understand your need to try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it and offer to do just that. For example, if you wanted to buy a pair of quartz earrings but were torn between the Kecia Drop Earrings and the Angela Rose Quartz Earrings, we could send both to your home for you to try on. This way, you get to try them both on and buy quartz jewellery designs only after you are completely satisfied with your choice. When you shop with us, you can even customise your jewellery! Our range of quartz jewellery is typically made of 18kt gold and rose gold. However, most of our designs can also be made in 14kt gold to fit your budget. What are you waiting for? Browse through our collection and buy quartz jewellery online from us today.

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