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Quartz Ring Designs to Unleash Your Stylish Side

If you had been born in the ancient times and visited the Egyptian Temple of Hathor, chances are that you would have done so with a piece of quartz in your hand. That’s because it was believed that whoever went into the temple with a quartz piece in hand would have his/her prayers answered. The prevalent belief at that time was that even the gods were unable to withstand the power of this gemstone. Today, the quartz gemstone may not ensure that your prayers will be granted, but it can definitely make you look glamourous and classy. When adorned as quartz rings, this gemstone can add to your stylish persona for sure. For modern fashionistas who want a break from the conventional rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, BlueStone presents a captivating range of quartz ring designs made of yellow and rose gold.

BlueStone’s Quartz Rings: Crafted for the Modern Fashionista

Quartz is known to be the most versatile among the family of gemstones and rightly so because it appears in a range of colours. From the colourless rock crystal and the most popular rose quartz to the brown smoky quartz and the opaque milky quartz, the range of colours this gemstone appears in is simply awesome. BlueStone’s quartz ring collection is an embodiment of this awesomeness. An eclectic combination of innovative styles and stunning designs, the pieces we offer will sweep any fashionista off her feet with sheer charm.

At BlueStone, we have some of the most intriguing quartz ring designs that will make your heart skip a beat. Created to enhance the beauty of the modern women, our quartz rings are made with flawless precision. Take a look at our Terra Rose Quartz Ring to get an idea about the splendid designs that are part of this dazzling collection. It is a diamond and quartz ring set in 18kt rose gold. Its heart-shaped rose quartz makes it ideal to be flaunted at parties and weekend get-togethers.

Our quartz ring designs look as good in rose gold as in gold. Combined with colourful quartz, they definitely make the cut as gorgeous fashion rings that are a must-have for every woman’s jewellery box. Consider our Rubena Ring as an example. A beautiful medley of yellow, black, and white, this ring has a smoky quartz and multiple diamonds shining against a striking design crafted in 18kt gold. Team up this stunner with our Rubena Pendant and Rubena Drop Earrings to complete your look. 

Explore and Buy Quartz Rings Online from BlueStone

Our collection of quartz rings has pieces with single stones as well as multiple stones. You can make your pick from alluring pieces like the Florence Love Ring or the Lia Heart Ring. While the former has a single heart-shaped rose quartz that will instantly entice the onlookers, the latter is an eye-catcher that will make your friends go green with its sparkle of rose quartz and diamonds. Flaunt them at any party and watch all heads turn towards you.

Classy, gorgeous, or dazzling, whatever be your fashion style, we have everything covered for you in this collection. For instance, take a look at our stunning Elea Heart Ring. Gorgeous to the core, this fashion ring exhibits a delightful design comprising of three heart-shaped rose quartz stones accompanied with sparkling diamonds in an 18kt rose gold base. Whether you wear it to a party or on a weekend trip, you are sure to feel no less than a royalty with this stunner sitting prettily on your slender finger.

When you buy quartz ring designs from BlueStone, you get not just amazing designs but also the best value for your money. Our quartz ring prices are kept highly competitive in order to fulfil your desire of wearing brilliant quartz rings without burning a hole in your pocket. Being a stone that is found in abundance, quartz might not be as exquisite or rare as its precious cousins like rubies or emeralds. However, when it comes to beauty and appeal, this semi-precious stone is on par with any other member of the gemstone family. So, don’t think twice to make these beauties your own!

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