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Quartz Pendant Designs for a Distinct Fashion Statement

Who can say no to the immense appeal of a beautifully crafted quartz pendant? No one! Sometimes it exemplifies the notion less is more and takes your looks to a whole new level. At other times, it lends a versatile touch to your getup. Often a quartz pendant is more than what meets the eye. It helps to illuminate your inner glow while expressing your distinctive style. Whatever it does, a quartz pendant never fails to grab attention.

Quartz, as a gemstone, might not be as valuable or expensive as its precious stone cousins such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires; but what it lacks in value, it makes up for in charm and popularity. That’s why we, at BlueStone, have crafted a fabulous range of quartz pendant designs for those looking to enhance their bling quotient in a non-conventional and highly impressive manner.

The Colourful Appeal of Quartz Pendant Designs

There’s no topping the charm of quartz pendants in terms of beauty and variety. Since ancient times, quartz gemstones have grabbed the attention of people with their colourful appeal. From the clear and colourless pure quartz to its many varieties including the pale pink rose quartz, violet amethyst, brown-grey smoky quartz, sunny citrine, white milky quartz, mint green vermarine, etc., ornaments and pendants designed out of quartz gemstones are admired by people the world over for their coloured appearance. Quartz pendant designs are also available in a variety of styles that range from funky and playful to bold or traditional.

Buy Quartz Pendants Online at BlueStone

When it comes to quartz pendant designs, BlueStone has the ultimate answer for you. Our gorgeous collection of quartz pendants is designed to cater to the varied moods and fancies of the modern woman. Each design from this collection is a statement piece in itself that will make your heart jump up in joy. Designed in tones of pink and gold, these exquisite quartz pendants will add colour to your fashion style in a playful manner.

When you buy quartz pendant designs from BlueStone, you will be treated to a design range that includes fashion, hearts, fusion, and valentine designers pick. Created with 18k gold, our quartz pendants display perfectly cut gemstones and diamonds that sparkle vibrantly and they are sure to add an indisputable wow factor to your jewellery collection.

Among our signature pieces is the Rubena Pendant. It is created for the modern fashionista who loves to make heads turn when she enters a party or get-together. This smoky quartz pendant is accompanied by six sparkling white diamonds that shine against an intricate design in gold. The semi-blackish colour of the stone is so unique and uncommon that it will be a feast for the eyes of wearers and onlookers alike. You don’t get to see beautifully blackish gemstones every other day, after all. So grab this piece today and we are sure it will enjoy a unique place in your jewellery box.

Stand out with BlueStone’s Quartz Pendant Designs

At BlueStone, we believe that a quartz pendant must possess a personality of its own. That is why each of our quartz pendants is a unique blend of soulful creativity and intricate style. Whether you are looking for a funky attention-grabbing pendant for a party or a sweet and demure pendant to flaunt your style at a vacation, we have the perfect answer for your desire.

Consider our Rosalie Heart Pendant, for instance. This piece is sure to glam up your look for any festive occasion or at a casual weekend get-together with your buddies. It flaunts a heart-shaped pale pink rose quartz gemstone and two twinkling diamonds that are set in a rose gold heart. When talking about weekend fashion pendants, how can you miss our Greshma Heart Pendant? This beautiful heart-shaped pendant has a unique design that encloses a pale pink rose quartz at its centre and a smaller heart with six white diamonds to enhance its gorgeousness.

Buy Quartz Pendants Online and Spring a Surprise for Your Loved One

Our quartz pendants are also great as gift items. Whatever be the occasion, you can never go wrong with a quartz pendant as a thoughtful gift. Men out there, take a look at our Shana Heart Pendant and Niya Heart Pendant. If you want to offer a piece of your heart to your loved one, these pieces are just the right ones to pick.

The Cira Rose Quartz Pendant is a unique design featuring two hearts, one in rose quartz and the other in diamonds. If you are looking for a special way to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day, grab this piece right away. The Celia Pedant features two most celebrated design motifs – the heart and the butterfly – in one piece. A perfect gift for the love of your life, we must say.

If you believe that our quartz pendants will make you feel light in the pocket, then you need to think again. Our quartz pendant prices are highly competitive. What’s more? We run deals and offers on selected pieces to give you an additional dose of happiness. So browse through our online collection today and make your pick from these affordable luxuries.

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