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Pearl Studs Earrings: Adorn Your Ears with the Gift of the Ocean

There’s nothing called too many pearls. Every woman who loves jewellery knows that pearls are among the jewellery essentials. The flawlessness and the smooth silhouette of these precious white gems make them the cynosure of all eyes. And when it comes to pearl earrings, studs are an all-time favourite among women all over the world. Therefore, we have created an exclusive pearl studs earrings collection for women from all walks of life. You can choose from a variety of stud earrings designed keeping you and your fine tastes in mind. Check out our collection and choose your favourites now.

Lustrous Gemstones and Nature’s Miracles

Although most of the pearls available in the market these days are farmed or cultivated, they are one of nature’s best miracles. Also known as the queen of gems, these white beauties have been sought-after and considered a symbol of class since centuries. They are the world’s oldest gemstones and have a rich history associated with them. Pearls are believed to have been first found by people looking for food on the seashore. Their pricelessness made them ideal gifts for Chinese royalty even in the early 2300 BC. In ancient Rome, pearls were the ultimate symbol of class. They were considered so precious that Julius Caesar established a law that allowed only the ruling class to wear them. The times have since changed and anyone can cherish the beauty and grace of these precious gemstones. At BlueStone, we make it a tad bit easier for you to buy pearl studs earring designs with our extensive collection of gorgeous pieces.

An Epitome of Class: Stylish Pearl Stud Earring Designs

Pearls conjure up an image of flawless beauty. These priceless jewels are nestled deep in the surface of the ocean in the warm comfort of oysters, cultured only to shower the world above sea level with unmatched luxury. Pearls have always been an epitome of sophistication and they continue to be. They transform jewellery into show stoppers with their charm and grace, lending some of these features to the wearer.

While there are classic designs that never go out of style, there are also trendy pearl studs earrings that appeal to those with a more modern persona and those who are willing to experiment with jewellery designs. Natural pearls are a scarce commodity now, which justifies their sky-high prices all across the world. But don’t worry; you don’t have to drain your bank account to enjoy the little luxury of owning a pair or two of precious pearls. Our pearl studs earrings price is reasonable and might even be attractive to the jewellery lover in you.

Precious Pieces That Showcase Timeless Elegance

Some of the new designs in pearl stud earrings that we have handpicked for you include ones crafted from gold, white gold, and rose gold of varying purities. The Doris Earrings are classy studs made of 18kt gold and studded with a smooth, rounded central white pearl surrounded by multiple white diamonds. The Matilda Stud Earrings are pretty pieces crafted from 18kt rose gold and studded with pearls and diamonds in a breath-taking silhouette. It’s difficult to take your eyes off these beauties. The Anahita Earrings are made of 18kt white gold and studded with peach pearls. They are not only one of the rare pieces in our pearl stud earrings collection but also one-of-their-kind studs. Check out our assortment of studs to pick your favourites.

Best Pearl Stud Earrings for Every Occasion

They say one can never go wrong with pearls, and rightly so. Whether you are attending a weekend party or lounging back at the comfort of your home, a pair of pearl studs is just what you need for that wow look. Simple designs like the Ava Earrings and Gaurika Earrings are ideal picks for your office wear and daily wear collection. Trendy pearl studs earrings like the Parryss Stud Earrings in our display will fetch you glances of admiration at parties and get-togethers.

Pearls make great gifts. So men, if you are looking for a gift for the love of your life on your anniversary or the Valentine’s Day, choose a pair from our pearl studs earrings collection. The Brizo Earrings made of 18kt white gold with white pearls and sparkling diamonds are sure to bring a smile on your woman’s face. The ruby-studded Flora Allure Stud Earrings and floral wonders like the Maria Earrings are options you could consider.

You can make some of the best pearl studs earrings a part of your jewellery trousseau when you buy pearl stud earrings online at BlueStone. Not only is our collection extensive with a variety of designs handcrafted to perfection, but it is also exclusively created keeping your style and taste in mind.

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