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Nose pins or Nose rings have been a part of wedding regalia since time immemorial. This elegant piece of jewellery is not only part of Indian tradition but is a favourite throughout the globe, representing different things in different cultures.

Nose pin and Nose Ring: a glance into its origin

The elegant nose ring was first recorded in the Middle East almost 4000 years ago where it was usually given as a wedding gift, whereby it represented a woman’s marital status.

Gifting gold nose pins was also a part of certain African cultures, where a gold nose pin represented wealth. The size of the ring was directly proportionate to the wealth of the groom.

In India, where it is widely worn, the nose pin is regarded as a fashion accessory, supposedly making the woman more beautiful and desirable. It is believed that the nose pin is worn as a reverence to Goddess Parvati, the goddess of marriage.

From ancient to modern,  the nose piercing trend

How can we discuss the history of nose pins, without mentioning the nose piercing trends of various cultures and times? Here is a snapshot:

As we all know nose piercing is the trend of piercing nose’s skin or cartilage, for wearing the jewellery. Since it was first introduced, nose piercing has been practiced for various reasons by different cultures.

In India, depending on the region and ethnicity of the women, nose piercing is done on the right, left, or even both sides of the nose. Traditionally, the Indian women wear either “phul” (nose studs) or "nath" (nose rings).

Today, the nose stud or ring is not part of any ritual or religion, but a trendy accessory that is used to enhance one’s beauty.

BlueStone’s absolute range of nose pin designs

Our nose pin range comes in three different styles:

Ring type nose pin

The ring type nose pin is an absolute show stopper. Most of our customers prefer to buy nose pin designs that are elegant, stylish, and comfortable such that they can be worn every day. The nose pin is a very popular trend amongst the teenagers, more so because Bollywood actresses are seen wearing them on the silver screen. Our outstanding piece in this collection is the “THE AUREOLE NOSE RING”, an elegant ring of nine diamonds set in gold.

Wire type nose pins

The wire type is a favorite with North Indians. We have a variety of classic rings in this category. Motifs like the flower, the single diamond and three to four coloured diamonds are part of our classy range. The popular one in this series is THE VERVAIN NOSE PIN that comes in floral design. THE VERVAIN is available in both screw and ring design forms.

Screw type nose pins

Popular in South India, screw type pins are ideal for everyday wear. Even though it is one of the oldest styles of nose pin designs, it has withstood the changing fashion trends and continues to be worn as a symbol of pride by the women of India. Our piece of pride in this collection is THE MAGNOLIA NOSE SCREW.

BlueStone’s nose pin collection is ideal for the new generation who looks for elegance, style and trend in one. Come, visit our site to compare nose pin prices, designs and select the best one that suits you.

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