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Round Nose Pin Designs: Timeless Beauties for the Women of Today

Nose pins were worn by women from the Vedic age in India, and these were further popularised by the Mughal Emperors who brought versatile designs along with them. In traditional Hindu households wearing nose rings was considered an important sign of a married woman and equated her to Lord Shiva’s divine consort Parvati.

Usually worn on the left nostril, the nose pin is called a phul and a ring is called a nath. In Maharashtra the bride wears a nath with pearls while Rajastani and Gujarati brides adorn an ornate nathni that is connected to their earring. Today nose pins are not just traditional jewellery as many youngsters pierce their noses and wear contemporary nose pin designs.

For those who love elaborate nose pin designs, we have the Aureole Nose Ring in the traditional ring design that is decked with nine diamonds. In South India mukkuthi is the nose stud that is worn by married women in the floral pattern. If you choose to wear the nose pin in the floral design, go for the versatile varieties we have lined up for you. A nose screw comes in a stud shape and is inserted into the piercing and secured with a screw like an ear stud while the nose pin has a semi-circular opening that can be just passed through the piercing.

Flowers for Her: Buy Round Nose Pin Designs

The purple hues of the larkspur flowers are enchanting to look at. If you prefer the multi-stones in the closely held cluster pattern, you may choose the Larkspur Nose Screw and the Vervian Nose Screw. Arbutus flowers denote strength and commitment. Wear your nose pin as your personalised style statement with the Arbutus Nose Screw that looks simple and stunning with four stones held in a floral design.

Popularly called roses of heaven, viscaria flowers are for the sensuous women of today – go for the Viscaria Nose Pin with the heart-warming petal pattern. Or simply express your floral love with the Romance Flora Nose Pin with a single diamond in gold.

Buy Colourful Round Nose Pins Online from BlueStone

Nose pins with colours are not new to Indian women. In the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula lies the coastal town of Kanyakumari guarded by the Goddess Devi Kanyakumari. Legend has it that her nose-ring radiant with diamonds and rubies shines so bright that sailors assumed it was a light-house.

Wear your favourite gem stones as nose pins this season and get all set for the glances you will receive! Yellow sapphires bestow fortune and good health while rubies impart strength and energy. Emeralds have healing powers and blue topaz shall improve your sense of expression. The best deal is that our round nose pins’ prices are so affordable that you can mix and match these colours in white and gold with ease.

If Adonis was the god of beauty and desire, then the Adonis Nose Pin is the perfect gift for your valentine. We have a range of Valentine Day collection to make your special day unique without burning a hole in your pocket. Choose from the blooming designs of the Caladium Nose Pin and the Daphne Nose Pin.

Traditional round nose pin designs have been revamped to suit the contemporary trends in our Fusion collection. The star-shaped Phlox and Holly Nose Screw, simple and elegant Verbena Nose Screw and the vivid Mafaz Nose Pin are part of this lively collection.

Staying true to our promise to artistic innovation, the Arum Nose Pin comes in a detachable design – you can go for single stones or add the talukku or the detachable danglers with ease.

Rediscover the joy of wearing nose pins in these classy and contemporary designs that are truly an expression of your unique self.


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