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Cluster Nose Pins for the Stylish Woman

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “The nose is the face’s most prominent feature.” Hence, it isn’t surprising that many women choose to embellish their noses with a nose pin. In the sixteenth century, Mughals are said to have made nose piercings popular in India. Indian women typically pierce their left nostril and most Hindu brides consider their wedding jewellery set incomplete without a nath or nose ring. Did you know that according to Ayurveda, this is supposed to ease menstrual troubles? Whether you believe it or not, if you have a nose piercing, we have a range of beautiful and stylish cluster nose pin designs for you. 

Even though she may dream of it, not every woman can afford a solitaire nose pin. However, that does not imply that she should make do with a tiny stud. Just as the ocean is made up of many drops of water, a number of small diamonds can be set close to each other to create the illusion of a solitaire. This type of diamond setting is known as a cluster setting. The Larkspur Nose Screw is the perfect example of a dazzling cluster setting.

Pin vs Screw: What do You Prefer?

When you buy cluster nose pin designs, you will notice that they are either in the form of a nose pin or a nose screw. Nose pins can be described as a long pin which has been bent into a curve with a diamond setting at one end. Two of our bestselling cluster nose pin designs are the Arbutus Nose Pin and the Vervain Nose Pin. A nose screw, on the other hand,has two parts like an earring. However, while earrings have a push on the back, a nose screw back is screwed on. Nose screws typically have a thicker bar and hence need a slightly bigger piercing. The Caladium Nose Screw with six emerald cut diamonds is our favourite nose screw design.

What Does Your Nose Pin Say About You

A nose pin may be small but is says a lot about the woman wearing it. Diamonds alone speak of class and elegance. While the Arbutus Nose Screw speaks of a quiet personality, the Geranium Nose Pin speaks of a more vivacious, outgoing personality. Similarly, the Larkspur Nose Pin speaks of a woman who follows conventions while the Caladium Nose Pin speaks of a woman who breaks conventions and follows her own path.

Buy Cluster Nose Pins Online from BlueStone

Shopping for nose pins is easy with BlueStone. Whether you want a delicate cluster of three diamonds like the Daphne Nose Pin or a larger cluster of six diamonds like the Viscaria Nose Pin; you’ll find it here. When you buy nose pins online pay special attention to the size of the diamonds. For example, the Daphne Nose Screw and the Magnolia Nose Screw may look the same at first glance but when you go into the details, you will see that the latter is crafted from bigger diamonds.

At BlueStone we bridge the gap between online and offline shopping by offering to customise jewellery for you. Cluster Nose Pin Designs can be made in 14kt gold or 18kt gold depending on your budget. You can also customise the clarity of the diamonds being used in your nose pins. The higher the gold purity level and the clearer the diamond; the higher the cluster nose pins price. What’s more, you can even try the nose pins on at home before you pay for them! So, are you ready to pick a dazzling nose pin for your delicate nose?

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