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Historically, the tradition of wearing Mangalsutra seems to have originated in the 5th-6th century CE. Sanskrit origin term “Mangala Sutra” refers to “Auspicious Holy Thread”. A ceremony called “Mangalya Dharanam” refers to “wearing the auspicious” which is popular in Hindu culture. It's a holy necklace or string, which the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the occasion of their marriage. Women wearing the Mangalsutra are identified as married. It’s a cultural practice across India and an essential of any Hindu marriage. This also mentioned in the 'Manusmriti' an ancient legal text among the many Dharma??stras of Hinduism.


Mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status, which will be in gold with white, red or black beads and diamonds, depending on each region and culture. As per the Hindu tradition, women wear Mangalsutra for their husband’s long life.


In Malayalam and Tamil the Mangalsutra is called in Kannada it is referred to as thaali and mangalyasutra, in Marathi it's called mangal sutra and in Telugu it's called maangalyamu, mangalasutramu  or pustelu. As per tradition, one part of the mangalasutra is given from the groom's family and another part from the bride’s side.

What We Offer Our Customers

Diamond Studded Mangalsutra

Every region has its own beautiful interpretation of the marital cord. In North India (Gujaratis, Marwaris) people wear Mangalsutra, which has a pendant with diamonds and two strands of black beads; sometimes interspersed with gold beads and black beads. Today, with modern times the trend of wearing diamond Mangalsutra is fast catching up.  BlueStone offers exclusive designs of Diamond Mangalsutras for both regular and occasional wear. We offer diamond Mangalsutras with traditional as well as contemporary designs, with the combination of gemstones, which go well with different kinds of attire. BlueStone offers exclusive Diamond Studded Mangalsutra collection called “SATTVA”, with simple elegant designs, for daily, office and occasional wear. The majority of people wish to buy the Mangalsutra designs online as per their specifications. We also offer matching earrings for the Mangalsutra pendants. One of the best pieces listed under this collection is “THE DEVIKA MANGALSUTRA”.

Plain Gold Mangalsutra

Plain gold Mangalsutras are best suitable for daily wear. BlueStone offers beautiful plain gold Mangalsutra designs in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt of gold purity with affordable prices. The patterns are with traditional and contemporary motifs for both traditional and modern wear. Plain gold Mangalsutra is also easy to maintain. BlueStone offers an exclusive plain gold Mangalsutra collection called “SWARNA” meaning “GOLD” with elegant designs. We also offer matching earrings for the Mangalsutra pendants. One of the best pieces listed under this collection is “THE ARPANA MANGALSUTRA”.

Customers like to buy the Mangalsutra online due to the wide range of exclusive Mangalsutra designs and competitive Mangalsutra prices online.

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