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Special Occasion Mangalsutras: Jewellery That Blends Tradition and Fashion

A mangalsutra is a sacred accessory for the married Hindu women in India. No matter where she is in the world, she holds it close to her heart. This auspicious piece of jewellery is rooted in traditions. It also reminds us of the rich traditional values we hold as a society. BlueStone gives this fragment of tradition a modern twist with the special occasion mangalsutra collection. The rich designs in this collection pay tribute to the importance this piece of jewellery holds from ancient times. Browse our collection to see what happens when tradition meets fashion. It’s a beautiful combination for sure.

The Significance of Mangalsutra in Indian Tradition

If there’s one mark of marriage, other than sindoor, of course, it is a mangalsutra. It is more than just a necklace. The word mangalsutra is formed by combining the words mangal and sutra. The word mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread. It literally translates to “a sacred thread”. A Hindu wedding is complete only when the man ties the mangalsutra around the woman’s neck. Traditionally, anything from a thread to a black bead necklace could stand for a mangalsutra. Irrespective of what it’s made of, it denotes the unbreakable bond between a husband and wife.

Different cultures and communities have different names and forms for the mangasutra. However, its philosophy remains the same. As per ancient relics, it is believed that the mangalsutra is a thread binding the lives of the wife and the husband. When the wife wears the mangalsutra, she enriches her husband and her family’s happiness. It is also believed that this sacred jewellery protects the marriage from all evil.

Up Your Style Quotient with Fashionable Mangalsutras

At BlueStone, we do justice to every piece of traditional jewellery we create. And that goes true for our collection of mangalsutras too. That’s why we have created special occasion mangalsutra designs. These exceptionally beautiful designs are sure to withstand the test of time. Each mangalsutra in this collection is created keeping the modern woman in mind. Whether you are newly married or going strong even after many years of togetherness, this collection is an ode to you.

These classy designs exude an unmatched grace. You can be sure that your mangalsutra will make you stand out wherever you wear it to. You can buy any of these trendy special occasion mangalsutra online at BlueStone, your official jewellery partner. We make it possible for you to take your style quotient to the next level even with traditional jewellery like the mangalsutra. Take a look at the Pratiti Mangalsutra. The special pendant is made of 22kt gold. This single yet elegant design will perfectly complement your special occasion attire.

Go Classic with Plain Gold Mangalsutras

The mangalsutras in our collection are handcrafted to perfection by some of the best artisans in the country. They are made using high quality gold. You will be spoilt for choice when you buy special occasion mangalsutra designs at BlueStone. Plain gold is an eternal classic. So is the floral theme. When you combine them, you get fabulous pieces like the Yashodhara Mangalsutra.

Want to look chic even in plain gold? Go for two-tone mangalsutras that are currently in trend. The Krithika Mangalsutra is an elegant pendant made of 22kt gold featuring coated white segments. The yellow and white on this pendant makes it go well with both western and Indian attire. The Ashlesha Mangalsutra is another stunner from this range.

Make a Statement on Special Occasions with Diamonds

When you dress up for a wedding or a festival, pairing your attire with classy jewellery is a must. What better way to make an occasion special than with a few sparkling diamonds? Many of the new designs in special occasion mangalsutras are studded with diamonds. Some of the show stoppers we are talking about include the Artham Mangalsutra. It is divine and chic at the same time. It is made of 18kt gold and studded with glittering white diamonds.

The Jyotsana Mangalsutra is another design you can consider. It is an epitome of divinity with its trishul design highlighted by sparkling white diamonds. The subtle beauty of this pendant makes it a great accessory for special occasions. The Jayashri mangalsutra is another elegant piece in this collection. This 18kt gold piece features a diamond-studded heart. The Ashmi Tanamaniya is an elaborate piece of jewellery. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with white diamonds. This is the only neck piece you will need to stand out in a crowd.

Gemstone Mangalsutras to Make Your Life Colourful

Do you feel your colourful marriage needs an equally colourful mangalsutra? Our gemstone mangalsutra collection is just what you need! This exclusive collection is every married woman’s dream come true.

Take, for instance, the Bharani Mangalsutra. It is made of 18kt gold and features multiple white diamonds and a pear-shaped ruby. This mangalsutra is classy and trendy at the same time. The Utpala Mangalsutra and the Geetanjali Mangalsutra are other designs you can pick from this range.

Buy Special Occasion Mangalsutras Online

Our assortment of mangalsutra pendants matches well with all types of neck chains. You can mix and match them with a variety of chains based on your preference or occasion. Traditionally, women wear these pendants on black-beaded chains. You can also choose to wear them with plain gold chains. Check our range of mangalsutra chains to find a matching piece for your favourite pendant.

The attractive special occasion mangasutra price tag comes with the guarantee of quality. When you shop for jewellery at BlueStone, you can be sure of the purity of the metal and precious stones. What’s more? We also give you the opportunity to try the jewellery at home before you make the purchase. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite special occasion mangalsutra and prepare to receive the best compliments ever.

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