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Topaz Studded Gold Earrings

Topaz Studded Gold Earring Designs: As Trendy as It Gets

If you were born under the Sagittarius star in December, the blue topaz would be your birthstone. It symbolises passion, determination, and intensity. Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that is available in many colours and can be crafted into exquisite jewellery. Blue topaz as seen in the Ace Feather Earrings is the most common variety while pink topaz is considered a rarity. Those who want to sport the azure charm of blue topaz and get an instant facelift can now buy topaz studded gold earring designs at BlueStone. Studs or drops, danglers or Sui Dhagas, this collection has the finest pairs of earrings to help you make a unique style statement.

Topaz Studded Gold Earring Designs for Everyday Wear

Topaz scores high as a gemstone for everyday wear. This gemstone boasts of extreme hardness which makes it durable and resistant to scratches. If you are a Sagittarian and have a thing for studs, go for the Charis Stud Earrings or the Escencia Earrings for a day at the office. Even if you aren’t a Sagittarian, you will find it hard to say no to a pair of beautiful earrings like the Ursula Drop Earrings. Looking for earrings to wear to lunch with your friends? Try the Hasten Earrings or the Ursula Stud Earrings. You just need to pick the right colour outfits and accessories to go with these blue beauties and you are all set to turn a few heads every day, all day.

Topaz Studded Gold Earring Designs: the Perfect Companion to Ethnic Wear

Be it a flowing Lehenga or a simple salwar kameez, an Indian woman’s outfit is never complete without a pair of earrings. The Chrissten Drop Earrings and Princess Blossom Earrings can be beautifully paired with stylish suits to complete your ethnic look. If you’re wearing something dressier like an anarkali for a friend’s engagement, you could wear the delicate Leaflet Bloom Earrings or Bernina Drop Earrings. On the other hand, if it’s a member of the family who is getting engaged and you need heavier jewellery, how about sporting the Dewdrop Blossom Earrings or the Akshara Earrings?

Round, Oval, Teardrop or Marquise: What’s your Favourite Cut?

One of the things to keep in mind when looking at topaz studded gold earrings prices is how the stone has been cut. Along with the size of the stone, the cut also plays a key role in determining the price of a pair of earrings. A round cut and an oval cut topaz as seen in the Azura Earrings and Kurant Earrings are the most common way of cutting a gemstone while a topaz cut in a heart shape like the ones in the Mirella Earrings is more expensive. Other popular cuts include the princess cut as seen in the Chairs Drop Earrings and a teardrop cut as in the Aqua Feather Earrings. If you want to buy a small stone but have it look bigger than it actually is, you should pick earrings with a marquise cut or a trillion cut topaz. The Lois Earrings and the Quentao Earrings are excellent examples of these types of gemstone cuts. 

Your Style, Your Convenience: Buy Topaz Studded Gold Earrings Online

Today, you can easily buy topaz studded gold earrings online without having to undergo the pain of going from one shop to another. At BlueStone, we have a wide range of designs for you to choose from, to suit all styles, occasions, and budgets. The only difficult part of buying jewellery online is imagining how a pair of earrings would look when you wore it. We understand this and hence offer you the opportunity to pick your favourites and try them on at home before buying them. For example, if you were finding it difficult to choose between the Pleasing Petiole Earrings and the Blooming Array Earrings, we could send both to your home where you could try them on and decide which you liked more. You could also choose to customise your earrings in terms of the gold purity to make it fit your budget. So are you ready to shop for some glistening topaz studded gold earring designs?

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