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Diamond Studded White Gold Earrings

Diamond-studded White Gold Earring Designs: Sophistication at Its Best

It seems that diamonds and white gold are made for each other. Each enhances the other’s beauty, each complements the other without any interruptions, and together, they exude a seamless and unbroken radiance. Take one look at the diamond-studded white gold earring designs in BlueStone’s collection, and you will know what we mean. When it comes to beauty, designs, and style quotient, these earrings are on par with their gold counterparts and they offer a cost-effective alternative to platinum.

Why Choose Diamond-studded White Gold Earring Designs

There is no denying that gold is a timeless classic and the most ubiquitous form in which gold is used. However, not everyone is a fan of yellow glitter and there are times we long to wear a pair of earrings that is different yet durable. Diamond-studded white gold earring designs at BlueStone are the best bet for those who prefer uniqueness over ubiquity and subtlety over stark glitter. Being an alloy of gold and other metals, white gold is hard and durable, which makes it extremely suitable for making diamond studded ornaments. It offers a perfect setting for the sparkle of diamonds to blend in without being interrupted by conflicting colours. And the result? Heavenly designs that abound in beauty and elegance!

Make a Lasting Style Statement with Diamond-studded White Gold Earrings

White gold earrings studded with diamonds are a popular choice of modern brides these days. They are chic enough to complement the splendor of designer sarees and stone-studded lehengas and are a classy alternative to heavily designed gold earrings. Take, for instance, our Ramos Earrings. Designed in the contemporary cluster pattern, these earrings feature 146 diamonds shining like a galaxy of stars. Quite a sight, isn’t it?

The Forever Yours Earrings and the Romantic Joy Earrings are odes written in the classic halo setting. They feature a large solitaire at the centre surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds. They, without any doubt, make your special day a sparkling affair. Lovers of the floral theme can opt for the Cordial Earrings or the Delilah Earrings. What is a wedding without flowers, after all?

Buy Diamond-studded White Gold Earrings Online and Shine at Your Workplace

The task of buying office-appropriate earrings is certainly not a cakewalk. Sometimes you buy a pair of earrings only to realise that they are too glittery or showy to with your office outfit. That’s where diamond-studded white gold earring designs come to your rescue. With their contemporary look and understated glitter, they give an instant facelift to your office jewellery collection.

Take, for instance, the Kaareva Stud Earrings and the Samaira Earrings in our collection. They are simple, small, stylish, and sophisticated and embody everything you look for in a pair of earrings. The Infinity Earrings, the Cassandra Earrings, and the Vokante Earrings are some of the popular picks in your officewear collection. Take one look at them and you can visualise yourself attending your next appraisal meeting wearing one of these, can’t you?

The Miles to Go Earrings are our modern take on the classic hoop style and they are neutral enough to give you a cool professional look. The Dewy Irene Earrings and the Spirya Earrings are simple yet classy and that makes them must-have items in every professional woman’s jewellery collection.

Two-tone Earring Designs to Up Your Bling Quotient

When you buy diamond-studded white gold earring designs from us, you needn’t limit your choices to the white radiance of such pieces. For those who want to sport in some yellow glitter along with the glow of white gold, BlueStone offers a spectacular range of two-tone earring designs.

The Dhara Earrings are made of 18kt white gold in a semi-curve pattern and the gold plating on the otherwise white body adds to their charm. The Ayson Earrings and the Mizara Earrings are contemporary designs you can choose for everyday use. The Ismene Earrings, the Twisting Tango Earrings, and the Stefi Earrings are some of the fast-moving pieces in our two-tone collection.

Party in Style with diamond-studded white gold earrings

Fancy making a grand entry into a party where every head turns to you in awe and admiration? All you need is a pair of diamond-studded white gold earrings designed to make you stand out. BlueStone’s party earrings collection has everything you need to make a unique fashion statement – hoops, hearts, geometric patterns, spectacularly oversized pieces, drops, danglers, and much more. You just name it and we have it.

The Joran Earrings in our collection are for the lovers of the heart shape while those who fancy animal motifs can opt for our Poliana Earrings. If you want to make a style statement with a uniquely designed piece, go for our Sassy Femme Ear Cuff. What’s more, they double as great conversation starters when you are attending a party. The Asarah Front Back Earrings, yet another unique design in our collection, will fetch you compliments from all corners. Whether you are attending a weekend party or royal gala, the Shokufeh Wire Earrings and the Katayun Wire Earrings are sure to make you the centre of attraction.

Diamond-studded White Gold Earring Designs for Men: Class Meets Fashion

Diamonds and white gold is a combination that has found many admirers among menfolk. Studs made of white gold and studded with sparkling diamonds are popular choices of men who want to adorn their ears with something stylish as well as classy. At BlueStone, we offer an exclusive collection of studs for men including the Avoid Earrings for Men, the Luxe Earrings for Men, and the Homme Earrings for Men.

Our diamond-studded white gold earrings’ prices are so competitive that you might want to cart every pair you like. Go ahead and do it without feeling guilty. With our home try-on option and easy return policies, we help you choose the ones that win your heart.

Our diamond-studded white gold earrings’ prices are so competitive that you might want to cart every pair you like. Go ahead and do it without feeling guilty. With our home try-on option and easy return policies, we help you choose the ones that win your heart.

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