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Women's Quartz Rings

Quartz Rings for Women who Like to Play It Cool

Quartz is one stone you can completely bank on when it comes to adapting the best fit to any kind of jewellery, be it of any shape or size. Coupling it with other gemstones is not a messy affair either. This chemical compound has a mix of silicon and oxygen. Clear and transparent, smoky or rosy hues are some of the common forms it takes on in the world of ornament. Beautiful pieces of jewellery studded with the most gorgeous and unique cuts of quartz are found in some of the best rings in BlueStone’s collection. And the good news is that quartz is believed to be the most abundant of minerals on Earth. If that makes you heave a sigh of relief, start looking for the best women's quartz ring designs and shop till you drop. You will be surprised to find the fanciest patterns and the most intricate collections of quartz rings in every possible colour and style in the stores today. Moreover, the colour, texture, style and sheer simplicity of the gemstone makes these rings suitable for nearly every occasion right from weddings and parties to gatherings and festivals. Inspired by your love for quartz, we bring to a range of women’s quartz ring designs.

Well-Defined Classics: Buy Women's Quartz Ring Designs

Classics never go out of style, especially when they contain the sparkling quartz stone. Try the gorgeous rose tinted quartz of the Terra Rose Quartz Ring. Basking in simplicity and grace, with a solid tiny heart budding out of it, this ring has two diamond specs on either side. If you are looking for another heart-shaped classic, try the brilliant design of the Lia Heart Ring. It has a pink quartz heart supported by a rose gold rim of a half heart studded with diamonds. It makes for a perfect piece of daily wear while doubling up as a party wear tool as well. Taking a look at these designs at the BlueStone range is bound to entice you to buy women's quartz ring designs from the comfort of your homes. All that you need to do is compare the women's quartz rings price across categories, take your pick and order.

Let us talk of some other basics. Flowers are the perfect examples of classic designs. Especially seen in diamond rings, you have more than one stud that makes it look so special. How about trying the Elea Heart Ring? Not only does it have three hearts of pink quartz encased in rose gold and diamond heart-shaped rims, it has the hearts arranged like the petals of a flower.

Ring With a Difference: Buy Women's Quartz Rings Online

This category clearly refers to those women's quartz ring designs that are a tad different from the previous ones mentioned above. The beauty of exquisite designs lies in the fact that stones like quartz can easily be fitted into any type of pattern. Add a gold rim and a diamond stud to them and they look neat and flawless, remove the rim and introduce some twirls and twists and you have completely different designs. Dancing in the most oddly stylish patterns are some of the designs of this collection. Let’s take a look.

If one heart is just not enough to express yourselves, try the stunning arrangements of hearts in rose gold all around the main pink quartz heart of the Florence Love Ring. Making a statement in itself, this ring exudes grace and elegance. Then there is the bold smoky quartz of the Rubena Ring with diamond specs on the lateral sides. This ring is so catchy and loud, that it needs no other accessory to complement it for the night out. Be it a cocktail evening, festive party or any other special occasion, close your eyes and flaunt this in style. Scan through all the designs and buy women's quartz rings online with ease.

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