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Diamond Pendant Designs: Stellar Stones For The Special You!

Perhaps the enigmatic and beautiful Marilyn Monroe knew it all along when she sang ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best friend’ in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Rare, resplendent and radiant diamonds have been women’s favourite piece of jewellery for centuries. That’s why the designers at BlueStone bring to tastefully crafted diamond pendant designs. Take a look at our vast collection of diamond pendants and you can admire and own these adorable pieces at affordable prices.

Buy Diamond Pendant Designs: Let BlueStone be Your Choice

You can shop for festive looks, everyday wear jewellery, office wear jewellery, and fashion jewellery designs for men and women from us. At BlueStone, we have over 750 designs for you to indulge and dazzle. For those who seek one-of-its-kind ornament, we proudly present the Refined Embrace Pendant with a striking solitaire accented with diamonds. The Mojito Pendant shall add sparkle to your festive cheer in a closely-knit pattern. The Limoncello Pendant shaped like a star and the Frangelico Pendant in angular shape are what make celebrations extraordinary.

Concentric geometric patterns in diamonds are fascinating and soothing to look at. The Hexa Pendant has a diamond and gold setting in the hexagonal shape. The Circula Pendant has concentric circles holding up a circular bunch of diamonds. The Tria and Quadra Pendants have diamonds in triangular and square shapes.

From Sports Lovers to Followers of Faith, We Have a Pendant for Everyone

Keep them close to your hearts, wear them every day and shine in our diamond pendants collection made for you. The Yulia Pendant and the Kivalo Pendant are classic single stone pendants you can sport every day. The Drihas Pendant in a unique horseshoe pattern, the Tribus Pendant in a triangular shape and the Nestled Floralia Pendant in rain-drop shape are alluring designs in this collection.

At BlueStone you can shop for various designs in the men’s pendants collections encrusted with diamonds. For men who likes sports, we have the Ronaldo Pendant shaped like a football and the Direct Hit Pendant reminding you of the cricket stumps. Travel lovers will find the Take Flight Pendant’s design enticing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for our uniquely designed the Confident Male Pendant, the Dashing Archduke Pendant, and the Class Apart Pendant. They are strong and robust designs that you will love to flaunt.

Shop for designs from our religious jewellery range in the diamond pendants collection and invoke the divine grace. Sri Venkateswara Pendant is for the ardent devotees of the Lord of the Seven Hills or Tirupathi.

Wearing the Holy Cross shall bestow blessings upon the faithful. For Christians, the cross is a symbol of God’s love and sacrifice for humanity. We have an array of cross-shaped pendants for you – wear the divine energy every moment with our Celtic Cross Pendant and the Divine Messenger Pendants.

Buy the Timeless Beauty of Nature Online

If you appreciate nature, check our floral themed pendants range. The Floral Wave Pendant combines the mighty wave and the beautiful floral shape. The Roshini Pendant is for the star gazing moon lovers. The Snowflake shaped Tria Pendant is for the grownups who love the sisters of Arendelle from ‘Frozen’. The Cordial Leaf Pendant and the Heavenly Sunflower Pendant are designs that all nature lovers will appreciate.

Peacocks have been nature’s marvel with the bright iridescent colours and proud patterns. Peacock designs in jewellery have been art lovers’ muse for ages. The Royal Feather Pendant and the Pirouette Feather Pendant are our renditions of nature’s splendor and symmetry.

Buy Diamond Pendants Online For Kids

When Walt Disney Animation Studios released the musical fantasy film ‘Frozen’ in 2013, inspired by the fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ little did they know that the iconic film would steal millions of hearts of the children and adults across the globe. Apart from the commercial success, the movie has been considered the best Disney animated film ever made. At BlueStone, own your share of Disney magic in these stunning diamond pendants with a blue background in white gold. The Elsa Floral Pendant, Elsa Crystal Pendant and Let It Go Pendants for kids are designs that your kids will cherish.

We have masterfully crafted designs in our collection that appeal to the men and women of today. Simple alphabet pendants, to style statements – the range is exquisite and our diamond pendants’ prices are as irresistible as their design.

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