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Diamond Cross Pendants

Let Your Faith Shine with Diamond Cross Pendants

Pendants are a form of jewellery flaunted by both men and women. There are many reasons we choose to wear pendants. One of the most common reasons a person wears a pendant is to express his or her religious beliefs. Such pendants typically feature one or more symbols and motifs associated with a particular religion. For instance, the symbol of Om is often associated with Hinduism while the crescent is seen as representing the Islam. Likewise, the most celebrated and universally used symbol for Christianity is the cross. The collection of diamond cross pendants at BlueStone is a sparkling celebration of this symbol.

The History of Cross-themed Jewellery

The tradition of wearing the cross in the form of jewellery is nothing new. Archaeologists have traced cross necklaces and pendants back to the sixth century. Back then, such pendants were worn primarily by the clergy as a marker of their position in the church. Royal families in the medieval Europe too wore cross pendants as an indication of their devotion as well as social status. Today, however, even non-Christians can often be seen wearing diamond Cross pendant designs as a fashion statement. Whether you are wearing cross for its religious significance or aesthetic value, you will find the right designs in the diamond cross pendants collection at BlueStone.

Symbolism of the Cross

According to the Bible, Christ was crucified and died on the cross as the atonement for man’s sins. After three days, he overcame death and was resurrected. For Christians, the cross represents God’s eternal love. The Latin Cross is a direct representation of the cross Christ was crucified on. This is the most common representation where three arms of the cross are of equal length and the lower arm is longer than the rest. The Albert Cross Pendant and the Zane Cross Pendant are fine examples of the Latin Cross. The Fleuree Cross as seen in the Arturo Cross Pendant is another popular variant of this symbol. This design features three petals at the end of each arm that symbolise the Holy Trinity.

Diamond Cross Pendant Collection for Men and Women

Like all religious symbols, cross pendants are also worn by men and women. There is a slight difference between our new designs in Diamond Cross pendants for men and women. Cross pendants for men tend to be more angular as compared to designs for women. For example, the Andrew Cross Pendant and the Avery Cross Pendant both taper inwards but the latter has a softer flow. It almost seems as though it was cast out of a ribbon. A few of our designs for women also have a floral undertone. This can be seen in designs like the Kelly Cross Pendant and the Ehtan Cross Pendant. Some of our best diamond cross pendants such as the Annot Cross Pendant and the Alvin Cross Pendant can be worn by men and women.

Buy Diamond Cross Pendant Designs That Match Your Style

There are many styles a Cross pendant can be made in. While the Latin Cross is a simple representation of the cross, Celtic crosses are amongst the most elaborate ones. The Divine Messenger Pendant is ideal for a person who likes simple designs. On the other hand, the Adley Cross Pendant may be favoured by people who like a lot of sparkle. A cross pendant can be worn by people of all ages. Many Christian children receive their first cross pendant at the time of their baptism or First Holy Communion. While the Robin Cross Pendant is an ideal gift for young girls, the Aric Cross Pendant and the Angea Cross Pendant suit women of all ages.

Yellow, White or Pink?

In the early days, cross pendants were made using wood or strips of leather. Today, gold is the most preferred material for a cross pendant. In its natural form, gold cannot be used for making fine jewellery. This is because gold is a very soft metal that cannot hold its shape for a long time. Hence, it is alloyed with other metals which not only harden gold but also influence its colour.

When mixed with copper or zinc, gold retains its natural yellow hue. However, when it nickel or palladium is added to gold, it turns white. The Adam Cross Pendant and the Aron Cross Pendant are two of our bestselling gold designs. Our favourite white gold Cross designs include the Rene Cross Pendant and the Whitney Cross Pendant. Some of our designs like the Messiah Pendant can be made in white gold or gold. Rose gold, which is created by alloying gold with copper, is another popular colour of gold used in jewellery making. If you’re looking for trendy diamond cross pendants online in rose gold, take a look at the Abel Cross Pendant and the Adalia Cross Pendant.

How to Buy Diamond Cross Pendants?

Today, you can easily buy Diamond Cross pendants online for yourself or as a gift for someone else. All our pendants are made in 18kt gold, but they can be customised in 14kt gold if needed. The change in caratage helps you lower the diamond cross pendant price range to suit your budget. Along with the gold carat value, the colour and clarity of diamonds can also be chosen based on your preferences. This ensures that you get the best value for the money you spend. Sometimes when buying a pendant you may want to try it on before you buy it. If you’d like to try on one or a few of our designs before buying one, we can bring them home for you. That’s not all! Many of our designs are also available with next day delivery. So, even if you wanted to buy the Asher Cross Pendant as a Christmas gift for your son and left it to the last day, your gift will arrive in time. That’s our promise!

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