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Diamond Wedding Pendants

Diamond Wedding Pendants: Ready to Wed

Diamonds are the dazzlers of every party, the studs on every piece of worthy jewellery and the attention-seekers of absolutely any occasion. Think of a memorable function or reason to celebrate life, think of diamond jewellery. Revolving around the concept of marriage or wedding is the exquisite range of diamond wedding pendant designs. These designs are made of lustrous diamonds studded across the core, radiating in beautiful patterns to form the most exotic pieces that last a lifetime. A diamond pendant is the best gift to give to your beloved on the joyous occasion of your wedding. It is the most common means of gifting but is never undervalued. A mother gifts it to her girl on her wedding, the soon to be groom gifts it to his loved one and a lot of family members get together to pitch in and buy diamond wedding pendant designs. Irrespective of who gives it to her, she cherishes it all her life as her most prized possession.

The Circle of Love: Buy Diamond Wedding Pendant Designs

What is the most common format a diamond pendant can be available in? Well, a circular pattern, of course. Irrespective of the diamond wedding pendants price across categories, you are bound to find a spherical piece that will stick with you for a lifetime. If you are a fan of circles and circles alone, then the right choice would be the Colada Pendant with its diamonds swirling around in smaller and bigger versions nearly glued to each other. Take a look at the twisted and twirled pattern. Try the Midori Pendant for a fusion of different shapes, with spheres dominating. This piece has a central diamond with a clasping hand-like etch between the two circular diamond rims. If these circles make you dizzy, let’s talk about a simple sphere or the Swara Pendant. With literally a circular diamond surrounded by a metal rim, this piece makes for a very elegant and sophisticated pendant to own. Try the range across categories and take your pick.

Floral Admiration: Buy Diamond Wedding Pendants Online

Flower power rules every jewellery line. Even if you tend to buy diamond wedding pendant online, you cannot overlook the choices of floral pendants. Maintaining the traditional floral format is the Schnapps Pendant, emerging from a diamond hollow drop. This pretty design is perfect for those who like tinier pendants. An intensive flower arrangement resembling a snowflake can be seen in the Delilah Pendant. This is quite an elegant piece and perfect for any outfit. Individual petals forming an entire flower can be seen with well-defined rims of the Cordial Pendant. For those looking at exclusive pieces, there are two distinct floral varieties. The tranquil Hibiscus Pendant has a gold flower rim enclosing an amoeboid cluster of diamonds, while the Caribou Pendant is more like a three-dimensional lotus, with a central core and two layers of rimmed diamonds emerging out.

The Clean Cuts

The simplest category is the one comprising of basic patterns and clean cuts. Not all brides want to pick up diamond wedding pendant designs that consist of loud and bold studs. Some of them like it plain and simple, while the others buy it to be worn at other wedding related ceremonies. Be it the bride who likes it plain or the one who likes to buy a regular, wearable piece, the truth is that there is nothing more beautiful and pure than a diamond pendant that meets her eye on the occasion of achieving the important milestone. Take a look at the Samar Pendant. It has a huge diamond with gold arms clasping it tight; no frills, no fancy attachments. Then there is the Elegant Princess Pendant with a central diamond surrounded by two concentric cubic rims of smaller diamonds. Sitting pretty in their simplicity, these pieces go a long way and could be worn more frequently than their heavier counterparts.

Explore our range, check out the deals and buy a diamond wedding pendant that suits your taste. Happy shopping!

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