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Diamond Bangle Designs for the Timeless Dazzle

Diamonds have evolved to stand as a metaphor for the best of the best. As a gemstone, they build an air of eloquence around you. What with their indispensable charm, they have their own exotic ways of revealing more than just your style statement. A diamond bangle, for example, not only adorns your wrist in perfect grace but also makes a flattering commentary about your fine taste in jewellery. A dazzling diamond bangle with an artistic design and intriguing stonework is sometimes just the thing you need to prep up for the special occasions in your life. There is no way you can go wrong with diamond bangle designs offered by BlueStone, the leading online jewelry portal in India.

Flexible Diamond Bangle Designs for the Unconventional You

For one thing, flexible diamond bangles have an unconventional design; for another, they are absolutely sleek and classy. Unlike regular bangles, they don’t end in a loop but have open ends which usually feature artistic designs and stonework. They flawlessly fit any wrist size while adorning it with their customary brilliance.

Here goes the Ojaswi Flexible Bangle and Manorama Flexible Bangle. Along with the Manya Flexible Bangle and the Mishika Flexible Bangle, they make an integral part of our Foliage Collection that features eye-catchy floral patterns. You can wear these fashion bangles to add extra flair to your weekends.

At the first glance, the Maina Flexible Bangle and the Mareesha Flexible Bangle look like twins but the twist in the tale comes from the number of diamonds each of them features. These 18kt gold bangles have a resplendent flair and make a gratifying remark about your fashion sense. Apart from these, you will find that the Cora Flexible Bangle and the Palakshi Flexible Bangle have an element of romance imbued in them. They both have the heart shape in their design and can surely make your romantic getaway a memorable event. Plus they are big on the fashion quotient.

Buy Diamond Bangle Designs Online for Everyday and Work Wear Purposes

As makers of fine jewellery, we at BlueStone recognise the fashion trends that influence the daily life of a contemporary, upbeat, fashion-savvy Indian woman. That’s why our designers have come up with an exquisite collection of diamond bangles designs that you can sport every day and to your workplace.

The Miles to Go Bangle, the Candid Journey Bangle and the Venera Bangle are some 18kt white gold bangle designs that add extra mileage to your day. Add these designs to your everyday collection and watch how they spruce up even the most mundane of your days. Keep your options open with the Simara Bangle, Ribha Bangle and the Sana Bangle. These 18kt gold bangles help you start off your day with the right dose of fashion. The Grazia Bangle and the Tairyt Bangle stand out by dint of their modish designs while the Cantara Bangle and the Taaj Bangle surely do their bit to establish you as the fashion diva in your circle.

That’s as far as the everyday diamond bangles go. Now to add some extra flair and panache to your work avatar, we suggest you count on the Obele Bangle and the Widyat Bangle. These office-appropriate designs will enhance your professional look by many notches. The Alhyna Bangle and the Ryuni Bangles are two classic diamond bangle designs to wrap you up in soulful glitter. Be it a client meeting or a special event at work, they will adorn your wrists elegantly.

Get the Sparkle of Diamonds for Your Fashion-savvy Teens

Got a fashion-savvy teen or a little fashionista at home who is enthusiastic about sporting the latest trends? We have a trendy collection of teen bangles made of gold and rose gold to glam up your little ones. All these bangles come with an adjustable chain and clasp, which ensures that they are suitable for kids from all age groups.

In rose gold, we have some utterly charming pieces like the Janey Bangle, the Ivan Bangle, and the Janaya Bangle. If you are looking for a gold design for your little fashionista, the Jaclyn Bangle and the Iona Bangle are the rights picks. They all feature a simple yet charming design – a plain gold body accented with a diamond-studded pendant in the centre. Parties or festivals, the teen bangles in our collection will adorn your daughter’s wrists with the glitter of gold and the twinkle of diamonds.

Eternity Designs and Lattice Bangles: The Eternal Charm of Diamonds

Fancy enhancing your bling quotient instantly with a uniquely crafted diamond bangle design? You are likely to find what you are looking for in our eternity bangles and lattice bangles collections. The eternity collection has bangles that feature an unbroken circle of diamonds. The Joan Bangle made of 18kt white gold and the Shirin Bangle made of 18kt gold are some of the eternity diamond bangles we have in store for you.

The lattice collection features bangles made of gold in the traditional jali pattern. The intricate designs and the radiance of diamonds come together in these bangles, making them timeless classics. The Netra Lattice Bangle, the Sheila Lattice Bangle, and the Reila Lattice Bangle are some of the hot-selling pieces in this collection.

Now that you have had a sneak peek at the snazzy diamond bangles at BlueStone, explore the whole length and breadth of our exhaustive collection. Even as you browse through our products, you will notice that the diamond bangle prices are affordable and competitive. Why wait? Gear up for a fascinating online shopping experience and buy diamond bangle designs to adorn your wrists in timeless dazzle.

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