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Diamond And Gemstone Jewellery

Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery: Jewellery that Worth Special Occasions

Give a girl diamonds and see what she can do with it. Add to them gemstones, and see how far she can go with it. Well, diamonds and gemstones are the prefect companions this season. We hear they are angels in disguise, rubbing off their fairy dust to those who stand by them. Studded jewellery is the best means of celebrating something festive, be it a cocktail get together, a family gathering, an outing with friends or something relatively casual. The stones have all the occasions covered. Buy diamond and gemstone jewellery designs from our exquisite collection and flaunt them with any outfit you have especially kept aside.

With the best designs, colours and textures, this season offers perfect blends of stones and patterns. Be it the peacock shaped Afreen Earrings set in gold and pearls, the rose gold and emerald collaboration of the Annagul Necklace, the glimmer of pink tourmaline in the Manzana pendant or the perfect yellow citrine concoction of the Soliar Pendant, our collection has got it all. All that you have to do is to choose from the endless variety of mesmerising sparkles, buy diamond and gemstone jewellery designs, and embark on the happy journey this season.

Embrace Yourselves: Buy Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Hold on tight, ladies. Embrace yourselves as you are about to experience the best the jewellery scene anyone has ever seen. Multi-coloured pieces incorporating the nine precious gemstones or the navratna are captured in beautiful creations seen in the form of finger rings and necklaces. The pretty rings include the Navyakshi Ring, the Bali Ring, the Yaksha Ring and the Portico Ring.

Beautiful studs seen in this range are the Graha Stud Earrings, the Priyala Earrings, the Nootan Pushp Earrings and the Bhumi Suman Earrings. If fewer colours are what you need, tone down the hues with the collection that never goes out of style or the sapphire collection. Choose from the diamond and blue sapphire embellishments of the Divyarani Drop Earrings, the Ecstatic Foliole Earrings, the Aaryamani Drop Earrings and the Aadrika Hoop Earrings.

As if these weren’t enough, BlueStone has the collection extending to pendants as well. Take a look at the Samyukta Necklace, the Jayrani Pendant, the Rajeshri Pendant and the Kanshika Pendant. These and more diamond and gemstone jewellery designs at the tap of a finger from the convenience of your homes. 

Party Favours: Buy Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Online

Basking in the rhythm of festivity and dancing in vibrant hues are the huge range of festive diamond and gemstone jewellery designs with different twirls, interlacing patterns and more. Whether it is the hunt for flowers, your quest for pearls or lust for vibrant hues, we at BlueStone have got it covered.

To narrow the search down to floral patterns, let’s take a look at the vivacious designs of finger rings, ranging from the Batida Ring, the Estella Ring and the Audre Ring to the Oriana Ring and the Haylie Ring. Representing flowers in full bloom, these rings are sure to add that bling you need at a party. Hopping on to pearls accompanying their soul sister diamond, are the intricate designs in the earrings category ranging from the Embellished Radiance Earrings, the Sheer Arc Earrings and the Kopal Earrings to the Wauna Earrings and the Kumudhini Front back Earrings.

Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Designs: Choose from an Ever-growing Range

A pearl collection can never be complete without the mandatory pearl and diamond pendant. These drops of pure white coupled with the sparkling delights are best seen in the Beatrice pendant, the Ananti pendant, the Nerissa Pendant, the Sabrina Pendant and the Huma Pendant.

But, wait, there’s more. A composite collection of pretty bracelets is seen in the Samhita Flexible Bangle and the Vamika Flexible Bangle. Adding some sizzle is the purple dotted amethyst stud with diamonds as in the Ponoma Earrings.

Compare the diamond and gemstone jewellery price across the range and take your favourite with you to the party you have been waiting for. What is more! We also offer home try-on. Let us know the pieces you like and we will have them all delivered at your doorstep. Try them from the comfort of your home and buy only the ones you like. Yes, you guessed it right; you can try them all free of cost.

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