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Diamond And Gemstone Bangles

Diamond and Gemstone Bangles: Alluring Circles for Your Arms

The Dancing Girl is a bronze statuette discovered in Mohenjo-Daro and is supposedly 4,500 years old. The girl has no clothes on, but she does have bangles on both her arms and a necklace adorning her. If nothing else, it tells us that bangles have been a part of Indian civilisation for millennia. We have also been bombarded with any number of Hindi movie scenes where the pretty women jiggle their bangles and look out at the hero or audience through a gap among the colourful and dazzling bangles.

More about Bangles

Bangles are a kind of rigid bracelet for the arms. They are made of a variety of materials such as metal, glass, lac, jade, rubber and plastic. They add a certain charm and allure to the wearer. In fact, one cannot think of any traditional Indian function where women are dressed to the nines being complete without a number of bangles adorning their arms. Depending on the region and community that a woman hails from and the occasion, she would wear glass, gold, silver, black metal or some other kind of bangle.

While glass and lac bangles are the most common kind of bangles found in India, they do not have the same shelf life as diamond and gemstone bangles. The diamond and gemstone bangle designs available at BlueStone endow the wearer with glamour and grace.

Finding the Right Bangle: Buy Diamond and Gemstone Bangle Designs from BlueStone

Are you tired of marching up and down stores braving the heat and pollution to do your jewellery shopping? You can buy diamond and gemstone bangles online through the BlueStone catalogue. There are a number of patterns you can choose from without giving up your couch potato status. Take a look at some of our designs that are popular among the customers.

Our Mounika Flexible Bangle is a flexible diamond and synthetic ruby bangle in 18kt gold. The design does not form a full circle but have two ends where the gemstones are set and overlap each other slightly. The Aynaz Palm Cuff is another diamond and ruby bangle in 18kt gold with an extension that ends in a ring for the middle finger of the wearer. The ring sports a design similar to the elaborate pattern of the main bangle.

For a simple but elegant look, you could buy the Bliran Bangle. This is a diamond and sapphire bangle made in 18kt white gold. The Aarna Bangle is similar in design. This one is a diamond and ruby bangle made in 18kt white gold. However, if you are looking to make someone green with envy, then opt for the Kanara Bangle. This particular bangle has diamond and emeralds set in 18kt white gold.

There are a few designs in the BlueStone diamond and gemstone bangle collection that showcases sophistication and grandeur. The Waverly Bangle is one such pattern. It has cream pearls set between two rows of tiny diamonds set in 18kt gold. The Soma Bangle is another instance of quiet charm in the form of rubies and diamonds set amidst intertwined 18kt gold bands. Shaped similar to a peacock feather, the Ananta Bangle with its blue topaz and diamonds in 18kt gold setting epitomises grace.

Diamond and Gemstone Bangle Designs: Affordable Prices, Alluring Designs

Our diamond and gemstone bangles prices are flexible and fall under various price brackets. However, unlike your earrings and rings, diamond and gemstone bangles are pricier due to their bigger size. Yet, there is no arguing the fact that you need that jingle of pretty bangles to complete your ensemble, especially when you are in traditional attire.

The diamond and gemstone bangle designs from BlueStone tread a fine line between traditional and modern. You can wear them with your suits with the same panache as with your salwar kameezes. Appear trendy by customising a design that you like or by combining your brand new BlueStone diamond and gemstone bangle with your existing jewellery. Be sure to choose our home try-on facility so that you can make sure that the piece you are going to buy is the piece that is designed for you.

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