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Diamond And Gemstone Rings

Diamond and Gemstone Rings: Designed to Dazzle

Jewellery has the power to complete any look. And more so when it includes dazzling rings studded with sparkling diamonds or colourful gemstones. At BlueStone, the collection of diamond and gemstone ring designs includes stunning white stones, rich green emeralds, fiery red rubies, sapphires that are bluer than the bluest sky, and everything in between. We have created a rainbow of colours for you in the form of exquisite rings that can make any occasion special with their beauty. Whether you want to propose marriage to the love of your life, want an anniversary gift to celebrate years of togetherness, or want to look stunning at a social gathering, you will find just the right studded ring for all occasions in our extensive collection.

Sparkling Discoveries that Impressed the Human Race

Gemstones have been admired since they were discovered ages ago and the legends behind them are endless. Every gemstone is associated with different beliefs across different cultures of the world. In ancient history, gemstones held a variety of symbolisms. While the Babylonians believed that they hold supernatural powers, the ancient Greeks considered them to be medicinal. The Christian church of the medieval times gave gems their own meaning.

Even in the twenty first century, different gemstones stones are associated with different meanings. Diamond’s extraordinary properties of hardness and clarity make it a symbol of strength, power, longevity, good fortune, and incorruptibility. Emerald represents rebirth and spring. The complex tourmaline is found in a variety of colours and gets its name from its properties to attract tiny particles when heated or rubbed. Its symbolism also changes with its colour. Topaz was considered a powerful stone for its ability to create light and is associated with an inner radiance. Amethyst is the stone of protection, wisdom, and intellect. Which one is your favourite?

A World of Fine Jewellery at Your Fingertips

Whether you love a stone for its symbolism or for its sheer, sparkling beauty, you can buy diamond and gemstone ring designs at BlueStone from an extensive range that you’ll surely love. Browse our collection and spoil yourself silly with all the luxury in the world of fine jewellery. You can choose from a variety of stones, their colour, the number of stones, their shape, the metal they are set on, or based on their design. We have rings studded with one or more diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, sapphire, topaz, and tourmaline. You’ll also find rings that suit your personality irrespective of whether you’re a fashionista, social realist, soulful, or an artistic rebel. You’re going to love BlueStone’s world of fine jewellery created only for you.

Perfect Pieces to Make Special Occasions Memorable

You can buy diamond and gemstone rings online at BlueStone to celebrate a special occasion. If you want to propose marriage to your lady love, we have a wide range of engagement rings studded with the brightest diamonds you’ve ever seen. The Supremo Ring for men and the Atlantis Ring for women are elegant rings in our collection that are designed to make your “I do” moments grand. When you ask her the big question with the Atlantis Ring, don’t blame us if she takes some time to say “Yes.” She might need some time to regain her breath as the exquisite diamonds and the gorgeous emerald on the ring will take her breath away! A perfect engagement ring for men, the Supremo Ring is crafted from 18kt white gold and is studded with diamonds and rubies.

If you want a special gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary, there’s nothing better than a gemstone studded ring. Give the king of your heart the Emperor Ring and the queen of your dreams the Stately Charisma Ring. Both of them are made of 18kt gold and feature a central ruby surrounded by dazzling diamonds. Our collection also has studded rings that can complete your formal look with their subtle sophistication. The Amberly Crown Ring can make a dull day at work a royal treat every time you look at its rubies and diamond-studded crown silhouette made of 18kt rose gold.

Choose a Gemstone for Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion, you can feel special and look your best self when you adorn your fingers with our exquisite studded rings. The different styles available in our collection can make every occasion a notch glamourous. How about a cocktail ring for every party and one from our Navaratnam Collection for the festive seasons? Or a different colour for every day of the week? Drive your Monday blues away with the gorgeous Mandarin Ring. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a big, bright rhodolite and tiny diamonds that won’t let you be gloomy. Celebrate the joy Friday brings with the 18kt gold Flirtini Ring featuring an elegant design with diamonds and rubies. The variety of options we have for you and our attractive diamond and gemstone ring prices will have you jumping with joy. Check them out now.

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