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Diamond And Gemstone Earrings

Diamond and Gemstone Earrings: A Magical Union

Diamonds and gemstones, these two words are the infinite universe of combinations that can exist within jewellery. They combine two different radical styles and incorporate a magical union of class and colour, of brightness and subtlety and of pristine jewellery and a dash of contemporary zing. Reading from history, we notice a tradition of acrostic jewellery, hugely popular in the Victorian and Edwardian period. There is a certain old world charm in wearing bands of different gemstones, each stone representing a different alphabet. Like Amethyst for A, Beryl for B, Citrine for C, Diamond for D, Emerald for E and so on. Discrete messages were sent out declaring love and commitment in such secret codes against a traditional and oppressive society. BlueStone offers you modern interpretations of gemstone jewellery with our latest collection of diamond and gemstone earrings.

Greet your Special Occasions in Style with Diamonds and Gemstone Earrings

Diamonds and gemstones are the complete package to set all your celebrations crackling! Treat your ears with our Special Occasions Collection and choose from the Fire and Ice Earrings, the Ecstatic Foliole with the diamond and blue sapphire deadly combination, emerald and ruby set in the Rajeshwari Earrings and the Arion Earrings, and the Amulya Earrings for their blood red rubies. Don’t forget the Mirella Earrings for their diamond and blue topaz brilliance.

For all your party cravings, we have the ultimate party collection in designs like the Aadrika Hoop Earrings in blue sapphire, the Modus Earrings, and the Ellison hoop Earrings in amethyst and in ruby. We offer a wide range of designs from the Erica Stud Earrings in rose gold, the Astrea Detachable Earrings to the Arlene Earrings. The Rubina Drop Earrings have diamonds with smoky quartz settings and the Modern Glitz Earrings with yellow sapphire, diamond, and pink tourmaline. Buy ever-growing collection is bound to bring the much-required glitter and jazz to all your gatherings.

Gemstone Mania: Buy Diamond and Gemstone Earring Designs from BlueStone

BlueStone’s myriad collection of jewellery will leave you spellbound! The Roseate Smolder collection is full of jewellery miracles like the Thisha Earrings, the Charulata Shringaar Drop Earrings, the Trivalle Earrings, the oval Carmelle Earrings and the Somalakshmi Earrings. The Chandbali Earrings in this category will transcend you to the royal times of the past with their white pearl and diamond settings in designs like the Naaz Earrings, the Mumtaaz Earrings, the Nazneen Earrings and the Nazrana Earrings.

Lovers of hoop earrings will find solace in our Hoop Collection with the Avalon Earrings of pearl, diamonds and white gold, the Stately Charm Earrings with tsavorite and diamonds, the Murceilla Earrings with pink sapphire and the Charmed Brilliance Earrings in exquisite yellow sapphire and diamonds.

The beautiful Sui Dhaga range is available under Diamonds and Gemstone Earrings designs. The Looped Rosette Earrings with Ruby and Rhodolite, the Nikita Sui Dhaga Earrings with diamonds, white pearl and gold, the Pleasing Petiole Earrings in blue topaz and the Lilac Lucent Earrings in amethyst will make your ears beam with pride. The beauty of the length and fragility of the Sui Dhaga designs in all different gemstones and at an affordable price range will bring a smile to your face. Yes, our diamond and gemstone earrings prices are unbelievably affordable.

For the Love of Gemstones: Romantic Collection

When love blooms, the world looks rosy. But then, why just settle for one shade? We offer you the brilliance of different gemstones to colour your love-life. Pick the Valentine Designers Pick Collection and glaze through a wide array of magnificent designs created just for you! Our collection include iconic pieces such as the Ruth Heart Earrings with rose quartz and diamonds in rose gold, the Samorn Earrings in which tanzanite and diamonds are framed in a heart-shape, the Origa Earrings with bright yellow citrine the butterfly inspired the Sara Butterfly Earrings with rubies and the Ultimate Love Earrings with the amethyst buff heart top and diamonds embedded in gold.

To commemorate the passage of your love with your dear one, adorn yourself with our special Anniversary Collection. Try the Cleodora Earrings with white pearl and diamonds in gold and the Brizo Earrings stud in pearl and diamonds in white gold. Earrings are also available in iolite as the Wishful Drop Earrings, in emerald as the Aakarshak Earrings, and in icy blue aquamarine as the Dream Date Earrings.

So wait no more! Wrap your ears in the luminance of these pretty collections at prices you won’t believe! Come, explore and buy diamond and gemstone jewellery online from BlueStone. We make sure that you are comfortable and at ease with the entire process, hence we offer you the home try-on, where you can try these designs within the comfort of your home with no obligation of purchase. Also, the 30 days money back, the lifetime exchange and buyback deals will make sure that you get the best online shopping experience. We want our customers to be satisfied at any cost. Come; indulge in our diamond and gemstone earring designs today!

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