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Add Sparkle to Your Special Day with Anniversary Jewellery Designs

No other occasion in a married couple’s life has been more stereotyped than the wedding anniversary, thanks to Bollywood! The couples you see on screen are either too busy to remember their own anniversary or so jobless that they go around trees singing and dancing for a whole day or perhaps a week. What’s more? If you go by their logic, anything less than super expensive cars, luxurious vacations abroad, and fully-furnished villas don’t count as anniversary gifts.

Stereotypes apart, anniversaries are special. Whether it is your first anniversary or the twenty-fifth one, you need not make it a dull affair let alone forget it. But you can certainly spare yourself from the trouble of singing, dancing, and overspending by choosing a perfect gift that captures the beauty of the moment. That’s probably why you should choose from BlueStone’s anniversary jewellery - a singularly spectacular way of telling your spouse that you care, a special gift to celebrate your bonding, and an asset to cherish for a lifetime.

Celebrate It with a Sparkling Ring

You sealed your bond with a ring on your wedding and what better way of commemorating it than with another ring? Rings made of gold or white gold and embellished with diamonds and gemstones make for the perfect gifts with which you can declare your love for a second, third, fourth, or nth time. That’s why BlueStone offers you an exclusive collection of anniversary ring designs for both men and women.

Husbands out there, how about offering your wives a piece of your heart with a heart-shaped ring? Choose from our anniversary jewellery designs that include the Nayelle Ring, the Nova Ring, and the Kerenza Ring, all of which feature creative expressions of the ubiquitous heart shape.

Is the heart not enough to show the endless love you have for her? You can either choose a ring with the infinity symbol like our Tressa Ring or opt for the classic eternity ring, like the Theona Ring in our collection. Cluster rings, halo rings, trinity rings, and plain bands are also ideal for anniversaries and you can buy from our vast collection that includes the Studded Radiance Ring, the Rosalia Ring, and the Agneiz Ring, to mention a few.

Buy Anniversary Jewellery Designs for Her

Men looking for a perfect gift for their wives will find everything they need in BlueStone’s anniversary jewellery collection, from earrings and pendants to bracelets and bangles. The Kiran Kanupriya Earrings and the Mayurakshi Earrings radiate not just the sparkle of diamonds but absolute luxury too. Contemporary designs in white gold, such as the Infinity Earrings and the Paired Joy Earrings, are the best bet for the modern woman who would rather wear her favourite pieces to the workplace than locking them up in the locker.

Are you searching for a piece of ornament which she can always keep close to her heart, literally as well as figuratively? Take a look at our collection of anniversary pendants and your search ends right there. The New Beginning Pendant, as the name suggests, gives your love life a new beginning while the Season of Love Openable Pendant makes for a unique gift. The Zionna Pendant and the Triton Pendant are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship and they sure will bring a smile on her face.

How about gifting her a bangle or a bracelet this anniversary? The Kamalnayana Bangle and the Kalapi Bangle exude majestic beauty while the Selma Bangle and the Akla Bangle double as everyday wear. The Miles to Go Bangle and the Candid Journey Bangle are ideal picks to celebrate your journey together while the Peacock Vivacity Bracelet and the Tranquil Hibiscus Bracelet will charm her with their design innovation and beauty.

Buy Anniversary Jewellery Designs for the Man of Your Life

Don’t think anniversaries are all about women and jewellery. We have an exclusive collection of men’s rings from which you can choose for the man of your life. The Sestet Ring and the Robust Noble Ring will adorn his finger with their yellow glitter while the Riam Ring for Him and the Master Class Ring will radiate the beauty of white gold.

You can also choose pendants and bracelets from BlueStone’s enchanting collection of men’s anniversary jewellery. The Maharaja Bracelet, an 18kt gold bracelet studded with vibrant rubies, will certainly give his wrists a regal charm. The Firm Monarch Pendant and the Stately Fashion Pendant are also some of the hot-selling pieces women choose for their husbands.

Buy Anniversary Jewellery Online to Celebrate your Special Day on a Budget

At BlueStone, we keep our anniversary jewellery prices at a highly competitive range to cater to the diverse requirements of our customers. For those who celebrate their special day on a budget, we have a great display of pieces priced below INR 10,000. Some of the most popular picks in this category include the Amathea Pendant, the Kritika Earrings, and the Pritika Mangalsutra, to mention a few.

Anniversaries are not about spending a lot of money for your partner, after all. It is about spending money on something that matters a lot to your partner. With BlueStone’s anniversary jewellery designs that abound in variety and style, you will surely find the right piece that gives your special day an additional sparkle.

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