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Anniversary Bangles

Anniversary Bangle Designs: Mark Your Milestones with a Golden Halo

Colourful, playful, and always charming, bangles are a must-have with traditional Indian outfits. Their versatile designs allow you to wear them as sets or even as a single piece. Bangles are an important part of a bride’s wedding trousseau and so, it is only fitting that they are used to mark anniversaries as well. BlueStone’s collection of anniversary bangle designs presents beauties made of precious metals like gold and white gold and studded with a variety of gems. These finely crafted bangles are the perfect way to mark a milestone. So men, ditch the flowers and chocolates this year and give her something that will last a lifetime. From ornate designs that go well with special occasions to more concise pieces that can even be worn every day, these anniversary bangles serve as a constant reminder that you are lucky enough to have someone to navigate your life with.

Go for Gold: Buy Anniversary Bangle Designs in Gold

They say gold is ideal for the first anniversary and BlueStone gives you gorgeous gold designs to woo your lady love. The Doris Bangle has a lovely floral design created by a pearl at the centre, surrounded by diamonds. This lovely piece features a contemporary design that can go well with any outfit – whether it’s an Indian ethnic ensemble, western, or even a professional outfit. The Synced Affection Bangle too has a minimalist design with its gold structure entwining to create a striking centre.

If you like colours in your accessories, the Nupur Bangle has a charming set of rubies to add to its grace. The Nilima Bangle has a similar design and includes white diamonds to the mix. The Charumati Bangle and the Bhagwati Bangle, both featured under our Navaratna collection, are truly colourful pieces to add colours to your special day. If you want to make your anniversary a truly magnificent event, go for the Kalakriti Bangle or the Kirna Bangle, both of which come studded with luxurious emeralds and vivacious rubies.

White gold pieces can be as enchanting as their yellow counterparts. So if you want to change things up a bit, try the Shellina Bangle that features a cluster of pearls, rubies, and diamonds. Baheera Bangle plays up the white gold with dazzling diamonds. For a subtle option, the Joan Bangle has a row of diamonds outlining its perfect circle.

Cool Blues: Anniversary Bangle Designs Like No Other

With BlueStone offering a mesmerising range of anniversary bangles, you might find it hard to zero in on a design. If you are confused, try to narrow down your options based on the stones used. Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are all beautiful options but if you want to walk off the beaten path, try true blues instead. The Bliran Bangle has a gorgeous white gold design that is elevated by blue sapphires. Alternating white diamonds studded on this bangle only heighten the deep blue colour to give you a truly impressive piece. The Casyan Bangle is another lovely piece from the same category and displays a charming arrangement of blue sapphires. Wear this with a white outfit and you are all set to look and feel like a royal diva. The Ananta Bangle takes the charm of the colour blue up by several notches; this gold bangle come studded with white diamonds and a can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it blue topaz. This piece does well all by itself and is perfect to have heads turning.

Round or Oval, Buy Anniversary Bangles Online from Us

Circular bangles, like the Aradhya Bangle in our collection, are said to be better when worn in sets or in pairs. This gold and diamond piece has a lovely double line setting that looks even lovelier when doubled. The Simara Bangle with its diamond-studded design is another piece that dazzles as a set. However, if you prefer unique designs, go for oval bangles that are shapelier and outline your wrist beautifully. Take, for instance, the Forever Rose Bangle, a white gold design featuring a lovely diamond-studded rose arranged around a single, immaculate pearl. The Muricelle Bangle is also well-styled with a wavy three-strand pattern accented by diamonds. The Behrokh Bangle is structured to from a subtle heart in gold. Marked by diamonds at the centre, it passes on the perfect message to your loved one on your anniversary.

Eternity Bangle Designs to Celebrate Your Eternal Relationship

Fancy something that captures the symbolism of your marital relationship? Opt for eternity bangles. They are designed with an unbroken and continuous line of diamonds or gemstones that don’t seem to have a beginning or an end. Take a look at the Kanara Bangle and the Cahaat Bangle and you know what we mean. Sparkling stones encircle the gold body of these bangles, giving them an eternal twinkle. Other bestselling eternity bangles in the collection are Niti Bangle and the Shirin Bangle. When you are looking to make a strong statement about your relationship that will last till eternity, what better design to choose than an eternity bangle?

More Than Wedding Anniversaries

Besides marking milestones in relationships, anniversaries could be work-related or even the day you began your favourite hobby or founded a company. In today’s world where women are striving to break the glass ceiling, BlueStone offers you fine jewellery to treat yourself with. Whether you’re buying a bangle for your lady, or you are a woman marking a personal milestone with a beautifully handcrafted bangle, our anniversary bangles price remains economical and affordable. In addition to that, we also offer home try-on option to help you understand exactly what you’re going to put on your wrists before you make the purchase.

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