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Anniversary Pendants

Keep Love Close to Your Heart with Anniversary Pendant Designs

It goes without saying that jewellery makes for the perfect gift for anniversaries. Agreed! But how do you pick the right one from the hundreds and thousands of glittering trinkets available both online and offline? Here are our two cents. The piece of jewellery you choose should capture the essence of the moment. More importantly, it should be so elegant and beautiful that your spouse will always keep it close to her/his heart. Talking of hearts, wouldn’t it be a bonus if you can find a tiny trinket that stays close to the heart not just figuratively, but literally too? Yes, we are talking about anniversary pendant designs.

The Sparkle of Gold Anniversary Pendant Designs

Nothing adds glitter to your special moments like gold. This anniversary, how about gifting your wife with a gold pendant specially handcrafted by our highly creative designers? Plain gold pendants without any stone embellishments exude timeless beauty no woman can resist. The Blossoming Beauty Pendant and the Florally Exuberant Pendant, both designed after the ageless floral theme, are excellent pieces of craftsmanship made in plain gold. The Peacock Vivacity Pendant, another popular piece in our collection, abounds in beauty and elegance. Besides these, you can choose between a wide range of designs and patterns when you buy anniversary pendants online from BlueStone.

A Diamond to Celebrate Your Special Moments

Looking for something special and sparkling to celebrate your wonderful moments? We recommend diamond pendants. Combining the glitter of gold with the radiance of diamonds, they are the ideal gift a man can give his wife. Our diamond pendant collection includes minimally designed pieces with a single diamond to elaborate patterns embedded with multiple diamonds. Those looking for a simple yet graceful design can choose between our Classic Statement Pendant, Piraan Pendant, or Thia Pendant, all of which feature a solitaire mounted on a gold base.

For those who fancy the mega radiance of multiple diamonds, we have a luxurious range of diamond pendants made in 18kt and 22kt gold. Some of the most popular picks in our display are the Anaya Pendant, the Beloved Bonding Pendant, and the New Beginning Pendant. The Season of Love Openable Pendant will enchant you with its design innovation while the Deirdre Pendant will mesmerise you with its magnificence.

Make your Day Memorable with Precious Stones

Anniversaries are moments to treasure, so why not add a dash of colours to them by choosing a pendant studded with colourful gemstones? Now you can buy anniversary pendant designs made with precious and semi-precious stones from BlueStone to create a colourful memory you can cherish forever.

The Sanchal Pendant and the Aaral Pendant come studded with a glittering emerald surrounded by a number of diamonds while the Carmelle Pendant and Aulis Pendant are romantic odes written with rubies. Those who want the effervescent combination of green and red can choose our Detachable Kalakriti Pendant or Epitome Luxuriate Pendant, both featuring a twinkling emerald and a vivacious ruby accented by several tiny diamonds.

Of course, you love your wife to the moon and back. With our pearl anniversary pendants, you can now declare that you love her down to the sea and back. The Oona Pendant and the Grecian Leaf Pendant are ideal picks for the lovers of gold while the Allana Pendant and the Beatrice Pendant will charm the fans of white gold.

Anniversary Pendant Designs in White Gold

Not everyone is a fan of the glittery gold; some prefer metals that are more subtle in glitter and sheen. If your lady love belongs to the second category, you are at the right place. At BlueStone, we have a fabulous display of white gold pendants made in contemporary and traditional designs. From simple and graceful pieces to elaborately crafted ones studded with diamonds, you can buy anniversary pendant designs from the plethora of options we offer.

If you are looking for a workwear or everyday wear pendant for your loved one, choose from our Samira Pendant and Storyteller Saga Pendant. The Keela Pendant and the Elegant Princess Pendant abound in beauty and luxury while the Forever Commitment Pendant and the Infinity Pendant captivate you with their contemporariness. Those who want the beauty of white gold and the vivacity of colourful stones can opt for our Rahela Pendant or Aulis Pendant.

Anniversary Pendant Designs For Men

When it comes to making your moments special, we don’t discriminate between genders. Women who want to gift their husbands with something special can choose from our men’s pendant collection. The Firm Monarch Pendant and the Stately Fashion Pendant are some of the hot-selling pieces in our collection. The All-rounder Pendant, a contemporary design in two-tone gold, is a sure way to win the heart of your man.

Our anniversary pendant prices are within your budget and you can choose from our competitive range that starts from below INR 10,000 and goes up to a few lakhs.

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