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Gold Anniversary Pendants

Celebrate Your Anniversary with Gold Pendants

Remember the fairy tale wedding you had a few years ago? It’s time to revive the vow and sparkle of the wedding romance. Yes, we are talking about your anniversary, which is no doubt the best time to celebrate togetherness, relive the memories and make merry. There is nothing better than a gift that will help you live the moment. While there are hundreds of thousands of options in the market today, what would you go with? How about a pendant made of pure gold to preserve for a lifetime? Evolving trends have helped in coming up with intricate designs and unique pieces of gold anniversary pendant designs. All that you have to do is, take your pick and present it to your loved one.

Drops and Dashes of Love: Buy Gold Anniversary Pendant Designs

Oozing the glitz and glamour of the best yellow metal yet, gold, are the pieces sparkling in diamonds and pearls. These form the most radiant and serene ingredients of the gold anniversary pendant designs and are anyway known to be women’s best friends. Coupled with gold, pearls, and diamonds can indeed prove worthy of friendship. Let’s delve into the white droplets of purity first, namely the magnificent pearls. The pendants dangling in pearly perfection in simple or circular frames are the Oceane Pendant, the Madison Pendant, The Grecian Leaf Pendant and the Amathea Pendant. Those incorporating pearls with diamonds and other coloured gemstones are the Sabrina Pendant, the Ace Feather Pendant, the Ares Pendant, the Dione Pendant, the Cleodora Pendant and the Enchanting Melody Pendant.

Taking the intensive shimmer of diamonds into consideration, you might want to buy enchanting pieces like the Mayurakshi Pendant, the Ashyah Pendant, the Anaya Pendant, the Astarte Pendant and the Achala Pendant. Bolder versions shaped and placed like clusters of leaves and drops are the Mayurika Pendant, the Punyah Pendant, and the Isis Pendant. For women who must own that single, huge piece of diamond, there are the Adorable Pendant, the Forever Young Pendant, the Angelic Pendant, the Evergreen Classic Pendant and the Classic Statement Pendant. Check out the entire range before you buy gold anniversary pendant designs from our website.

Colours or Plain Chunks: Buy Gold Anniversary Pendants Online

Gold pendants are more striking with their coloured gemstone counterparts. With various hues in play, some of the best bets would be stones like emerald, citrine, and ruby amongst others. Let’s take a look at some of the prettiest designs so that you can buy gold anniversary pendants online. Lemon tinted hues of citrine can be seen in the Noilly Pendant, the Soliar Pendant, the Muirne Pendant and the Love Struck Pendant. Looking at bolder, brighter colours, there are pendants set in emerald like the Rim Jhim Pendant, the Rohal Pendant, the Aaral Pendant, the Rhea Pendant, the Sanchal Pendant, the Xenia Pendant and the Nurla Pendant. 

The perfect red studs of rubies in gold bounce back a different glow. They include carefully handcrafted pieces like the Ocarina Pendant, the Fire and Ice Pendant, the Detachable Kalakriti Pendant, the Neyara Pendant and the Penelope Pendant. If one colour doesn’t do the trick for you, you can opt for nine gemstones in one in the Pushpanjai Pendant. If you are sneaking around for blue or purple hues, try the iolite tints of the Preksha Pendant or the amethyst buff heart of the Ultimate Love Pendant.

Not everyone likes to opt for pieces emitting a sparkle. Some of them prefer the natural sheen of the metal itself. Basking in the simplicity of clean cuts and solid chunks of gold are some exquisite pieces and unique designs. Simple gold chunks with minimal or no diamond specs include the Season of Love Openable Pendant, the Tetris Pendant and the Quest of Love Openable Pendant. The smaller, intricate versions include the Prevailing Flowerets Pendant, the Conjoined Blossoms Pendant, the Blossoming Beauty Pendant and the Beloved Bonding Pendant.

Who says you have to stop at just one? If you are wondering which of your favourites you should choose, we solve that dilemma with our economical gold anniversary pendants price. Go ahead, gift your loved one more than one and give her a bigger surprise on this special day. If you need help with your selection, you can reach us through the chat window so our team can clear any questions you may have.

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