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Anniversary Bracelets

Celebrate Your Special Day with Anniversary Bracelets Designs

An anniversary is a celebration of an invaluable association. While a first anniversary is called a paper anniversary and the second one cotton, it comes as no surprise that long-lasting anniversaries are associated with precious metals and stones – a 50th anniversary is a Gold anniversary while 60th anniversary is called a Diamond anniversary. During the Holy Roman Empire, husbands gifted their wives a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on their 50th anniversary.

Buy Anniversary Bracelets Online and Enjoy the Gifting Experience

We present to you our wreath collection in the glory of gold. Giving is enjoyable, and when you have to gift the person who is your best ally and your trusted soul mate, look no further than our bracelets collections. Surprise your partner; indulge them with these spectacular designs crafted exclusively for your anniversary. Celebrate your association with these artfully designed charming clasps proclaiming your undying love.

Buy Anniversary Bracelet Designs for Men

The king of your heart deserves nothing but the best. The Maharaja Bracelet has majestic rubies set in gold. The deep red colour is associated with a joie de vivre that no other stone can match. In Sanskrit ruby is called ‘Ratnaraj’ meaning ‘king of precious stones’. Revel in rubies, bring home the Maharaja Bracelet and add magic to your anniversary celebration.

The Fame Bracelet is the classic diamond bracelet in gold that is handsome and magnificent. The intimately arranged diamonds announce your love with élan. Watch him fall in love with you all over again on your anniversary.

Anniversary Bracelet Designs For Women

Amethyst stones with the deep purple hue are called the ‘stones of spirit’. The Ultimate Love Bracelet has an amethyst set in a fancy heart shape flanked by diamonds on either side. The Magnifique Bracelet is a rhapsody of colours - purple amethysts, yellow citrines and diamonds. Express your spirit of love with these radiant bracelets.

If you want to gift bracelet designs in gold, the Astounding Shell Bracelet and the Floral Ambrosia Bracelets are simple and classy. The Peacock Vivacity Bracelet has an intricate design that is inimitable. Blooms and blossoms are brought to life in the floral designs of the Full Bloom bracelet and the Sunflower Exuberance Bracelet. In some countries, giving hibiscus flowers is an acknowledgment to a perfect wife or woman. The Tranquil Hibiscus and the Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelets are just the right ways of expressing your love to the woman of your life.

The circular patterns of the Elan Bracelet look trendy and stylish while the Galaxy Bracelet with the diamonds in spherical shape looks mesmerising.

To add beauty to luster, check out the gemstone studded bracelets. The Being Together Bracelet with diamonds and soft pink sapphires looks stunning. The cute Loving Rose Bracelet has delicate rose patterns with diamonds and a ruby. The Flower Princess Bracelet interspersed with rubies set in floral pattern is a sure winner.

The Woman of Substance Bracelet and the Leaf Lace Bracelets are bold and beautiful designs. The Love Affair Bracelet is rare design that combines an openable locket and a bracelet. The Swirl Bracelet looks dainty and refined in solid gold.

The Young Blossoms Bracelet with diamonds and Aquamarine, the Purity Lily Bracelet are unique pieces in this collection.

Buy Anniversary Bracelets at Affordable Prices

We understand the significance of celebrating your special day of union. Let our bracelets speak out loud what your words cannot express. BlueStone has the best gifting solutions at an affordable price range. We also run offers on selected pieces that add value to your shopping experience. So go ahead, gift, enjoy, and honour the bond that you always cherish. 

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