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Diamond And Gemstone Necklaces

Essential and Classic Diamond and Gemstone Necklaces

A necklace owns the occasion. It can be subtle, grand or funky, depending on what you choose to wear and when. BlueStone’s Diamond and Gemstone necklace designs carry a ton of wow factor, trust us. We have got some grand designs for you and plenty of options too. Take your pick from this exhaustive collection of diamond and gemstone necklace designs.

Plenty of Designs in Rose Gold

For our collection of diamond and gemstone designs, we have experimented with the best of precious material to create extraordinary items. In rose gold, we have the Annagul Necklace, the Raisa Necklace and the Pearl Moss Necklace. These designs have intricate roses made in 18kt rose gold with diamonds, white pearl, and gold. The Raisa and Annagul Necklaces come in emerald too. For something simpler in rose gold, check out the Almeta Necklace. A beautiful pearl pendant hangs off the nimble rose gold chain to create grandeur.

Buy Diamond and Gemstone Necklace Designs and Go Grand 

For a grand and festive occasion, we have chosen to go with 18kt gold designs. The Shipkaar Necklace and The Shubha Necklace are heavy pieces made with delicate and precious diamond stones and emeralds in between to give it an Indian feel. The Shubha Necklace uses all the Navaratna stones. It has piece has 73 diamond stones embedded in it. For more such designs, you must also be interested in The Sundar Sakhi Necklace as well as the Moh Bhawana Necklace. If you are a fan of the ruby and diamond combination, then these pretty ones are right up your alley. Do you still want more? Well, then do check out The Nayantara Necklace. This one design stands out for its weight, grandeur, and glitz. There are 179 diamond stones used in The Nayantara Necklace along with rubies. The chain is also done up in diamonds. What more could you need to make a big statement? Go give it some attention on the BlueStone website online!

Contemporary It Is: Buy Diamond and Gemstone Necklaces Online from Bluestone

Looking for something less timeless and more contemporary in this collection? Then we have some designs for you too. There are quite a few line necklace designs that may catch your fancy. Check out the Butterfly Line Necklace, the Abree Line Necklace, the Fleur Line Necklace and even the Tara Heart Necklace. All of these choices use diamonds, white pearls, and are set in 18kt gold chains. They are light and pleasing to the eye. You can throw these on any day. You don’t wait for a big event to buy one of these diamond and gemstone designs.

There are designs for those of you looking for a central pendant too. The Gercia Necklace, the Flyta Necklace, the Ferran Necklace, the Harlie Necklace and other similar designs come with a heavy pendant in the form of tassels. These tassels and their material vary from design to design but you can expect to see these tassel pendants in white pearl, emeralds, rubies and diamonds. A hot-selling favourite in this category is the Janiece Necklace. Do take a look!

How about some pearls? We are very proud of our designs using white pearls. The Samyukta Necklace is a simple and elegant design suited for any occasion. Throw this one on for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends or for a cocktail dinner with your colleagues. For something heavy duty in pearl, choose the Pearl Nest Necklace which is a sight to behold. Three symmetrical chains done up in white gold (clasp), and white pearls make up the body of this diamond and gemstone necklace. The pendant, a striking centrepiece is done up in diamonds and a single white pearl. If you are looking for something similar design in pearl, check out the Anshi Necklace. Both these designs are worth a look.

So hurry and go check out our designs now. The best part of shopping with us is our diamond and gemstone necklaces prices. We have kept the prices as affordable as it can get so that you do not have to worry about breaking the bank while owning a piece.

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