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Religious Pendant Designs: Fashion with a Contemporary Touch

Tired of seeing the same old heart, owl and arrow pendant designs everywhere? Give your regular pendant options a break and add a twist by opting for religious pendant designs that are unique and stylish. For those who love to flaunt their beliefs, culture, and values, religious pendant designs are an ideal pick. Some of the most popular religious pendant designs include the ‘Aum’ sign, the lotus symbol and the cross. Inspired by the religious and cultural symbols, the designers at BlueStone have crafted stylish religious pendants. They are a perfect blend of faith and aesthetics that are sure to hold your attention.

The origin of religious pendant designs

Pendants were worn by both men and women during the early ages in order to protect themselves from evils. Those pendants were known as amulets in ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures. In ancient Japan, they went by the name Ofuda. In ancient India, these symbols were worn to prevent ‘Nazar’ or the evil eye. It was also considered to be a symbol of good fortune by many. The use of religious pendants started out as a protection of sorts and gradually transformed into a fashion statement over the years due to the Hip Hop influence. Several rock stars and celebrities were seen embracing their Christian faith by styling rhinestone Cross Pendants and other forms of jewellery.

At BlueStone we have decided to add our own element of culture and faith to this trend by crafting chic religious pendants.

Stand out from the crowd with Bluestone’s religious pendants

At BlueStone, we have a premium collection of religious pendants. There are over 150 designs to choose from.

For the love of Shiva, there is a gorgeous Pushkara Pendant which has a Shivaling made of gold and diamonds are encrusted on the same. Another stunning design would be the Mrityunjaya Pendant which has an intricately designed ‘Shool’.

We have exquisitely crafted prices for the devotees of Ganesha. The Avaneesh Pendant which is a meticulous design of Lord Ganesha comes with the word ‘Shri’ engraved on it. The Ekakshara Pendant is a beautiful Ganesha pendant with an ‘Aum’ symbol etched on it. The pendant is made of gold and is accented with diamonds and rubies.

The simple and sophisticated Lotus pendant is a stylish take on the age old lotus symbol that essentially stands for purity and well rootedness. The Maiden Lotus Pendant is another artistically crafted piece. The lovers of flower motif can go for this one.

There are several religious pendants for the flowers of Christian faith. For those who like simplicity, we have the Holy Cross Pendant. This 18kt gold pendant is embellished with a diamond. The Divine Mary Pendant design is carefully created using 18kt gold and is accented with diamonds.

Our pendants are embellished with stylish stones which add a touch of glamour and elegance to these pieces. We run exclusive deals on selected pieces so that when you buy religious pendants online you get the best deals. We have also kept our religious pendants’ prices affordable making it easy on the pocket for all our customers. Before you make the purchase we suggest you opt for our home try-on option. Wear them, feel them and then buy religious pendant designs you like the most.

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