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Gold Religious Pendants

Gold Religious Pendants: Flaunt Your Faith in Style

India is a land of diverse religions. Well, we are sure that you are reminded of your school text book. But our intention here is not to state the obvious, but to talk about how to make your religious festivals and occasions more colourful by sporting pendants that make a statement about your faith. You can wear these exquisitely crafted pendants even if there are no special occasions or celebrations. Take a look at some of the trending pieces in this collection.

Religious Festivals: Buy Gold Religious Pendants Online

Our artistically crafted gold religious pendant designs include some variety from the festival category amongst many others. Some of these holy festivals have inspired the myriad creations at BlueStone. Take a look at the festive pieces online. For instance, we have pieces crafted that the followers of Guru Nanak and can sport on Guru Nanak Jayanti. As you know Gurupurab or Guru Nanak Jayanti is the birth celebration of the Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. Depicting the sword, the key element of Guru Nanak and Sikhism are the Khalsa Pendant, the Khanda Pendant, the Kirpan Pendant, the Warrior Pendant and the Akal Purakh Pendant. Signifying the holy Om and other symbol are the Sacred Ek Onkar Pendant, the Divine Ek Onkar Pendant, and the Satnam Pendant.

Akshaya Tritiya is a holy festival celebrated to bring success and luck. Thus, any suspicious inauguration or work is started on this day, seeking blessings from the Lord. Inspired by the spirit of Akshaya Tritiya we have crafted pieces like the Kuber Kunji Pendant, the Tejas Pendant, the Daffodil Om Pendant and the Kuber Yantra Pendant. The devotees of Lord Lord Ganesh can choose from the Pramoda Pendant, the Yagnakaya Pendant, the Ganapati Pendant, and the Omkaara Pendant. Whatever may be the occasion, we have a pendant for you. Take a look at our collection and buy gold religious pendants online from the category you believe in.

All Faiths in One: Buy Gold Religious Pendant Designs

BlueStone doesn’t confine itself to a single faith. However, it caters the different tastes and religious believes of our varied customers like you.

For the followers of Islam, we have beautifully crafted pieces. The exceptionally artistic pieces of Calligraphy include designs such as the Murabbi Pendant, the Al-Malik Pendant, and the Shumayl Pendant. Scan the range of gold religious pendant designs at BlueStone and choose from the series. For believers of the Christianity, we have a collection of pendant designs that are plain or infused with diamonds for extra shine. Some of them are the Divine Mary Pendant, the Divine Messenger Pendant, the Annot Cross Pendant and the Zane Cross Pendant

The devotees of Sai Baba need not feel left out. There are pendants designed specifically for them too, such as the Sri Sai Pendant with a white and gold image of Sai Baba, with a tiny diamond in the hand he is rendering blessing from, and the Sri Sadguru Pendant, a unique piece set in gold. If you are a believer of Hinduism, we have a pendant for you too. Choose from the Pushp Om Pendant in gold surrounded by diamond petals, the Omkareshwara Pendant completed cased in diamonds, the Swarup Pendant with Lord Ganesh surrounded by tiny rubies, the Mangali Pendant in the form of a swastika and the Opulant Shree Pendant with the word diffused in gold and diamonds.

Religious Pendant Designs: Of Diamonds and Gemstone

Many pendants standing for religious sentiments contain diamonds or gemstones of different sorts. These are arranged in unique patterns, thereby differentiating one category form the next.

Some pendants look complete only with diamonds studded on them. For streaks of extra sparkle, is a whole new series comprising of the Avery Cross Pendant, the Adley Cross Pendant, the Prathmeshawara Pendant, the Shri Abhidi Pendant and the Roshini Pendant. These pendants have gods, the Holy Cross and other depictions accentuated by the sparkle of diamonds along the pattern.

For those who love to sport a religious pendant with gemstone, we offer plenty of options to choose from. The collection includes the Swadha Pendant with a ruby at the centre of the lotus, the Avyukta Pendant with a blue topaz and diamond, the Crown Chakra Pendant with its huge amethyst stone and the Preksha Pendant set in diamonds and iolite. A fusion of nine colourful gemstones is seen in the Muktidaya Gaj Pendant shaped like the trunk of Lord Ganesh, the Aum Shakti Pendant with Om surrounded by navratna stones in a circular orbit and the Murli Manohar Pendant with the flute of Krishna covered in the nine stones.

Take a look at our growing range of gold religious pendants prices on the site and buy your favourite piece that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We are sure you will find an artistically crafted piece that falls well within your budget. Buy gold religious pendant designs to your liking from our religious pendant collection.

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