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Gold Everyday Mangalsutra

Celebrate Your Bond of Love with Gold Everyday Mangalsutra

Indian weddings are on a path of glamourous evolution. They have come a long way from the ritualistic affairs of the past. With destination and theme weddings becoming popular, Indian weddings are turning more lavish and dazzling than ever before. It’s as if the extravagant trends are overtaking the age-old traditions.

But some traditions continue to be as significant as ever, regardless of the changing trends. One such ritual is the tying of the mangalsutra in a Hindu marriage. The groom ties it around the bride’s neck during the wedding. In fact, a married Hindu woman is expected to wear the mangalsutra throughout her wedded life. That’s why most women go for designs they can use every day.

Are you looking for such a design? BlueStone’s gold everyday mangalsutra designs bring you a range of options. Explore a collection and choose one to celebrate your marital bond.

What Does the Mangalsutra Symbolise?

The word mangalsutra is the combination of two Sanskrit words, mangal meaning holy and sutra meaning thread. In other words, it means the holy thread. It denotes the marital status of a woman. A mangalsutra is more than a fancy accessory. It is worn for the long life of the husband. It signifies love and trust between couples. This ornament is made of black beads strung to a gold pendant. It is believed that the black beads protect a couple from the evil eye.

For a long time, women loved wearing mangalsutras with heavy gold pendants. But with the changing times, women are opting for trendy designs. The upside of such designs is that you can wear them at home as well as your workplace. In keeping with this trend, BlueStone has come up with new designs in gold everyday mangalsutra.

Can Tradition and Fashion Go Hand in Hand?

Of course, they can. BlueStone’s trendy gold everyday mangalsutra online collection caters to the taste of the modern woman. As a symbol of marriage, this ornament has no parallel. Similarly, our designs have no parallel in style and elegance.

Rarely will you come across such a collection as ours where every design is so classy and so stunning. If you prefer something without diamonds in plain gold, the Rebha Mangalsutra is an ideal pick. The Varini Mangalsutra is yet another option if you are looking for 22kt gold pieces. Who wouldn’t love to flaunt such cool pieces? They celebrate tradition without compromising on the fashion quotient.

But if you want some extra shine and sparkle, we won’t disappoint you either. Our diamond-studded designs will give you just the right sparkle you need. Take a look at our designs like the Jayashri Mangalsutra. This 18kt gold design features a diamond-studded heart motif. The heart is considered the universal symbol of love. What better way to display your everlasting bond than with a heart-themed piece like this?

When you buy everyday mangalsutra designs, you need to look for designs that go with all kinds of outfits. At BlueStone, we have just the right pieces to complement your western and ethnic clothing. Consider our Artham Mangalsutra, for instance. This diamond-studded floral design will look stunning no matter what you team it with. Minimalist designs like the Chandrima Mangalsutra are also a great choice. Both can add to your look regardless of what you wear.

When you want the best gold everyday mangalsutra designs, we have the best options. Each of these designs is a stunner in its own right.

How about Some Sparkle?

Go for diamonds. Diamonds and women go hand in hand. And why keep diamonds for special occasions? When you buy from BlueStone, you can choose from a range of designs sparkling with the shine of diamonds. If you want something trendy yet traditional, why not go for our Gauhar Mangalsutra or our Abrahan Mangalsutra? Both are classy pieces.

Want something sleek and stylish? We have the right piece for you. The Harsha Mangalsutra is a show stealer in every sense. This simple and minimalist design features three sparkling diamonds to add sparkle to your everyday look. Want some more sparkle? Go for our Ananya Mangalsutra featuring 36 twinkling diamonds. The unique design will draw all eyes to you when you step out wearing it.

Our gold everyday mangalsutra collection has unique designs in two-tone gold. Such pieces are made of gold but will have portions plated with rhodium. Two-tone jewellery is trending these days, so buy one from our collection to keep up with the trend. The Anamitra Mangalsutra is one such gorgeous piece you can consider. The Jyotsana Mangalsutra is an equally stunning piece. These pieces have diamonds set against a dual-tone gold base.

When you buy from us, your options are endless. You just need to choose one that speaks to your heart.

Select from Our Plain Gold Designs

Plain gold designs have a charm of their own. In this collection, we have some of the most attractive designs to adorn your neck. For instance, check out our Rohini Mangalsutra. The intricate design draws attention in a subtle way.

For those of you who are drawn towards simple designs, our Pratiti Mangalsutra or our Kavya Mangalsutra are worth having a look. Our plain gold designs include dual-tone items such as the Ranya Mangalsutra. The petal-inspired design is a winner all the way. Our Ashlesha Mangalsutra is no less a beauty. The graceful design can make heads turn without fail. Among our dual-tone beauties also lies the trendy Samali Mangalsutra which you cannot miss exploring. To add to your advantage, our plain gold designs are made from 22k gold.

How about Getting Your Jewellery the Way You Want?

Guess what’s the most exciting part of shopping with us? We allow you to customise jewellery based on your preferences. Our plain gold designs are made of 22kt gold, but you can get it made in 18kt or 14kt gold. Likewise, you can lower the carat value of our 18kt diamond jewellery to 14kt. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for such customisations. 

That’s not all. We also give you the option to try your favorite pieces in the comfort of your own home. Just book for our home trial option and we will bring your favourites to your doorstep. Try before you buy!

When you buy gold everyday mangalsutra online from BlueStone, you don’t have to worry about anything else. With our wide variety of designs and affordable gold everyday mangalsutra price, what more can you ask for?

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