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Sai Baba Pendants: Divinity Thy Name

If you’re a Sai Baba devotee, you have a reason to rejoice. With BlueStone’s collection of Sai Baba pendants, you can always keep him close to you and seek solace in his divine presence in the form of our pendants. This range of pendants devoted to him pays tribute to his teachings and scriptures. They capture the essence of the principles and virtues he preached, which included faith and patience. You don’t have to go too far to make Sai Baba a part of your being as you can buy Sai Baba pendant designs online from BlueStone.

More than Just jewellery: Sai Baba pendants for every devotee

The exquisite collection of rare Sai Baba pendant designs includes beautiful charms that you would love to carry around as precious memorabilia. While some of our pendants are carved in Sai Baba’s image, there are some that have his name inscribed on them. The best part is you can pair these pendants with a chain made with white gold, gold, silver, or any metal. You can also wear them on a red or black thread. One amongst our special collection is the Sri Sai Pendant that features a classic design with Sai Baba’s bust size image carved out in precious gold. His image is placed in a ring enclosure and a tiny, glittering diamond is studded on his palm.

The Sri Sadguru Pendant is for those devotees who want to carry Sai Baba’s name with them wherever they go. Its elegant design comprises “Shri Sai” lettering in 18kt gold, a row of diamonds, and white gold flower petals surrounding the ring containing the lettering. Similarly, the Shirdi Sai Pendant features a simple design with “Shri Sai” inscribed in 18kt gold with a gold ring enclosure of the same purity.

If you’re looking for something more unique, then you can buy Sai Baba pendant designs inscribed with his teachings. The Sai Mahima Pendant and the Shraddha Pendant both feature “Shraddha” and “Saburi” engraved in 18kt gold. Both of them are also studded with shimmering diamonds. The Sai Mahima Pendant’s square design and the Shraddha Pendant’s twisted rope design make them one of a kind. Another one from our range of Sai Baba pendants is the Paduka Pendant crafted in 18kt gold featuring impressions of his holy feet studded with rubies.

Bring the power of positivity in your life: Buy Sai Baba pendants online

BlueStone’s exquisite range of Sai Baba pendants is created with care to bestow positive energy through elegant, intricate jewellery. Shirdi Sai Baba’s divine energy will always be with you in the form of these pendants. What’s more, you can also seek his blessings any time and every time when you wear these pendants. Our Sai Baba pendant price is highly competitive. You can buy one for yourself or for your loved ones as it makes for a great religious gift, too.

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