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Pendant is a piece of jewellery that is suspended from a variety of jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and ribbons, the pendant’s humble beginnings came about in the 18th century.

The old style pendants were called lockets and their popularity increased with the discovery of photographs. Usually worn on a neck chain or a necklace, a locket pendant is a small pendant which is a round, flat or oval case, with a hinged cover. Nineteenth-century Victorian lockets were used as a betrothal or sentimental gift symbolizing personal devotion. They were usually worn as sentimental pieces, meant to hold mementos like hair locks, or photographs.

Today the pendant has taken many forms ranging from large jewels, pearl pendants, watches, amulets and lockets. They are made in such a way that they are detachable and therefore can be used on different necklaces or with a pin back so that they can be used as brooches.

BlueStone’s Gold pendant Designs:  A collection like no other

BlueStone offers an exclusive range of plain gold jewellery in different styles like classic, contemporary, traditional and fusion. Our plain gold pendants come with the five signs of hallmarking along with a Bluestone certificate.   They go with all types of outfits. We have gold pendant set designs with prices ranging from just below Rs.10000 onwards.

Gold pendants designed just for you

We have a range of gold pendant designs and gold locket designs that are based on themes and inspirations.  We have gold pendant set designs for different faiths and religions. They have been very popular for the past few years and that is why we are always recreating the designs to cater to the demands of our valuable clients. 

One of our bestsellers is Zodiac sign pendants. Another popular favorite is the heart shaped “Plain Gold Locket”.

The “Mena Pendant”, listed under the gold collection, is truly a work of artistic beauty.  Resembling the sun, this pendant can be worn with all outfits and blends well with any accessory. It also makes a beautiful brooch.

Have a look at the variety we have if you choose to buy gold pendants online. You can buy gold pendant designs for everyone and for every occasion, big or small.

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