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Locket Jewellery Designs: Carry Pieces of Memory (Quite Literally!)

More often than not, the jewellery you wear is more than just that. It is a carrier of memories - of an occasion or a person – which you cherish for a lifetime. From that simple chain your mother gifted on your 15th birthday to the beautiful heart-shaped ring your lover first surprised you with, from the tiny earrings you bought with your first salary to that vintage pendant handed down to you from your grandmother, your jewellery box is likely to contain many pieces with lots of sentiments attached to them.

Speaking of sentimental jewellery, how about wearing a piece of memory, quite literally, in the form of a photograph, a hand-written message, or a super tiny object like a bead or a curl of hair? Yes, we are talking about lockets here, one of the cleverest inventions of our predecessors who wanted to keep their most cherished objects close to their heart. Now, you can buy locket jewellery online from BlueStone and become part of a longstanding tradition, the origins of which can be traced back to several centuries.

What is Locket Jewellery?

A little bit of introduction and history is in order before you buy locket jewellery designs. So what is a locket and how is it different from a regular pendant? A locket is a type of openable pendant that contains a space where tiny objects can be stored. Typically, these pendants are worn on a chain around the neck with a photograph of a loved one or a good luck charm stored in it. Besides pendants, locket jewellery designs also come in the form of rings. Remember the iconic locket ring worn by Queen Elizabeth I, which featured a portrait of her mother Anne Boleyn? An ideal gifting option for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and weddings, these tiny trinkets come in many shapes, from ovals and circles to hearts and other eye-catchy patterns.

Locket Jewellery Designs through Ages

Lockets reached the jewellery boxes of modern fashionistas after a long and eventful journey. The earliest forms of lockets were – yes, you guessed it right - amulets! We don’t know for certain when and how ancient men started wearing talismans and lucky charms around their necks to ward off evil or as a protection against diseases. The trend, however, caught on and evolved into the contemporary locket we see today by the sixteenth century, in Europe.

These early lockets were used to conceal small portraits, tiny pieces of perfumed fabrics, and good luck charms. Rumours have it that in olden days they were even used to store - hold your breath - poison! Lockets exploded in popularity during the Victorian era and many iconic pieces in the history of locket jewellery belong to that period. The bracelet which Prince Albert gave his beloved Victoria featured eight lockets, each containing curls of hair from their eight children. It was the same Queen Victoria who set the trend of wearing lockets as a symbol of mourning. When Albert died, she went into a long state of mourning during which she wore a locket with a photo of him kept inside it. After this, mourning lockets became an integral part of Victorian funeral customs.

During the World War II, soldiers started gifting lockets to their wives and lovers as keepsakes, which added a new dimension of sentimentality to this trinket. Today, locket jewellery designs are favoured by many as fashion jewellery, a statement piece, and a unique way to display personal style.

Buy Locket Jewellery Online from BlueStone and Make a Style Statement

At BlueStone, we offer heart-shaped locket jewellery designs for the modern woman who wants to make a unique style statement. Made of gold, these trinkets are ideal personalised gifts men can choose for their women on Valentine’ Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Take, for instance, the Season of Love Openable Pendant. Made of 18kt gold, this heart-shaped locket features another tiny, diamond-studded heart in the centre. The glitter of gold and twinkle of diamonds come together to make this piece a stylish fashion accessory. It doesn’t matter whether you have found true love in your life or not. In love or not, committed or single, our Season of Love Openable pendant will grace your neck through all seasons.

Same goes true for our Quest of Love Openable Pendant. As the name suggests, this piece is an ideal keepsake for romantic love. That, however, shouldn’t stop any woman from buying this 22kt gold locket to display loads and loads of self-love. The ring version of this pendant -the Quest of Love Openable Ring - is something you are less likely to come across in conventional collections of jewellers. Made of 18kt gold without any stone embellishments, it makes a fine addition to your everyday and office collections.

Buy these lockets jewellery designs from us and store something special in them – a photograph of your special someone, a short love letter, a piece of fabric from your wedding dress, a note with your life goals, a quote from your favourite author, or anything you find close to your heart. Our locket jewellery price is highly affordable and competitive, so why wait another day to make the purchase?

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