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Gold Bangles

The custom of wearing of bangles in India started in ancient times. Today, women have affection to improve their grace and the magnificence with bangles that are accessible in different forms and structures. Wearing of bangles is viewed as must for a wedded lady in India. These are considered to be an important part of Indian bride's jewellery. In early settlements, bangles were made by rubbing sea shells or stones on hard surface to give shape of bangle. Clay bangles were made by simply giving shape and then drying. As the metal was become a tool to human they used it in wide applications in designs and including inlay and stones embellishments. It’s also believed that Gold Bangle is worn as a symbol of Fortune and Prosperity.

BlueStone offers gold bangles designs with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones or just plain gold, suitable for every occasion. The styles range from traditional to contemporary with exclusive gold bangle designs like open bangles or twister bangles. The choice of gold bangle designs online is just endless and to buy gold bangles online from us gives you the most competitive gold bangle price. Additionally, all our products are individually casted and handcrafted to the perfection with multiple quality check process. Thus, giving you only the best.

Studded Bangles

BlueStone offers beautiful and elegant studded bangles with only Diamonds, Gemstone and also with the combination of Diamonds and Gemstones. The bangle creation offered from simple circular to precious gemstone embellished ones, Designs as simple as round spiral to an intricate of motifs made each bangle uniquely in appearance to indicate the status of its wearer. Earlier bangles were always in round shape, however to match the latest trend BlueStone offers Round and well as Oval bangle to customers. Oval bangle always has opening hence selecting bangle size; will not a problem. BlueStone offers exclusive Bridal bangle collections with the combination of diamonds and gemstones. Majority of people wish to buy gold bangles designs online as per their choice. BlueStone has launched new oval bangle collection called “ Chic Oval Bangle collection with intricate, trendy diamond work for office wear. One of the best piece listed under Gemstone Bangle Collection is “THE KALAKRITI BANGLE

Plain Gold Bangles

BlueStone offers large range of plain gold bangles for daily wear, bangles for office wear and for special occasions. Exclusive Collection “Essentially Light” has beautiful plain gold bangles for regular wear and occasional wear. The designs are with the combination of classic, elegant and high fashion and will go well with most of the attire. Rhodium plating on bangle design is enhancing the beauty of the bangles and for few designs rhodium plating looks like a diamond from far. These are light weight bangles; which looks bigger for the value paid for. One of the best piece listed under plain gold bangle collection is “THE SYLVAN DECKED BANGLES”.

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