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Women’s Bracelet Designs: For the Hands that Shape the World 

An ancient proverb says, “All that glitters is not gold”. However, some that glitter are worth looking for. Bracelets are one such thing. They were famous in the annals of history as lucky amulets that intertwined all around the wrist of women, signifying grace, beauty, and feminine vitality.

Having its etymological origin in the Greek word ‘brachile’, which means ‘of the arm’, bracelets were made of jewels, conch shells, wood, metal, bamboo strips and even of cloth and crystals. Historical research has also discovered that bracelets were used as fashion accessories in distant Siberia, some 40,000 years back.

At present, when you buy women’s bracelet designs, you simply marvel at the wide range of shapes and materials that are used to manufacture bracelets for women. It does not matter whether a woman has a slender hand or a slightly rotund one, a bracelet looks good and it symbolises the female charisma to the fullest. Right from Hollywood bombshells like Marilyn Monroe to our very own Bollywood tinsel town divas, everyone has endorsed, loved, and looked good with stunning bracelets as their fashion accessories.

Women's bracelets: Designs for every occasion

There has been a marked change in the shape and materials used for making women’s bracelets all over the years. Now, with minimalistic designs and more contemporary patterns, the bracelets serve two-fold purposes. They look good on all occasions. Right from the Karva-chauth celebration, to the company board meeting, a woman can look gorgeous with the finest assortment of bracelets. Whereas women mostly prefer the bracelets made of gold for wedding ceremonies and informal celebrations, white gold and platinum are a common choice when it comes to redefining office accessories.

Buy women's bracelets online and charm the world

Now you can buy women’s bracelets online depending on the fashion statement that you want to flaunt. There are the wide-open silver cuff bracelets, which look good with traditional Indian attire. There are also the intertwined chain bracelets made of gold, silver, and platinum. The charm bracelets have the concepts of myth, luck, and good faith attached to them. They are mainly popular in the Asian countries. Apart from this, women can also choose from the contemporary fashion bracelets, which cost more, as these are exclusive, and these are designed keeping in mind the fashion needs of the metropolitan women. Women’s bracelet designs can complement any style and outfit-whether retro, or chic.

Buy women’s bracelets online from BlueStone

We at BlueStone offer you an exclusive collection of gold bracelets, diamond bracelets and platinum bracelets for every occasion. Depending on the colour and stone preference, you can choose the bracelets for your own use or for presenting it to someone you love. Whether you are having your wedding ceremony, or you want to wear a traditional gold bracelet for your sangeet and mehndi, we have the best designs that suit your style. Our bracelets are lightweight and you can wear these bracelets all throughout the day, and even regularly.

Among the collections that we have is the Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelet made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds. Our bracelets are available in different sizes. The Camilla Bracelet in 22kt gold is one of our most popular jewellery that has got a huge customer response. It has a round pendant as the centre of attraction, with an intertwined gold chain and ball structure. The Waves in Circle Bracelet are yet another attraction, which is a wavy and circular pattern in 22kt pure gold.

At BlueStone, we offer you next day delivery options, and you can even purchase the bracelets according to customised patterns. You can inquire about the women’s bracelets price by visiting our online portal.

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