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The Pretty Purple Quartz: Adorn Yourself with Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that traces back to the wine god Bacchus. The term amethyst originates from amethystos which means not intoxicated. Believed to prevent overindulgence and the state of being drunk or intoxicated, it also possesses healing energy. The amethyst stone takes on beautiful patterns when studded on finger rings. Many people believe that the stone imparts a soothing effect to the mind and body. Over the years, the colour has evolved to incorporate different tints and shades of the violet hue. Ranging from mauve to deep purple, you can find attractive amethyst ring designs from our alluring collection. Many people believe this stone to be the stone of love. Take a look at the lovely designs of this birthstone of February and flaunt it at any special occasion.

Splash of Colours: Buy Amethyst Ring Designs

A single amethyst stone no doubt looks very pretty on a woman’s finger. But, what if the hint of violet is too much to handle alone? Presenting a series that gives the solitary purple some colourful company, quite literally. This range comprises of stones coupled with amethyst to enhance the beauty of a ring, thereby making it multi-functional and suitable for various occasions. Basking in the heavy duty design of diamonds is the Elethe Ring, comprising of an amethyst and green peridot stone at both the ends right on top of the open pattern. An artistic design is seen in the unusual combination of emeralds and amethyst in the Aki Ring. This chunky affair has emerald leaves crawling along the sides with the central purple stone surrounded by diamond studs. The triangular trio of purple, white and pale blue can be seen in the aquamarine based ring, the Urban Charm Ring, a charmer in the true sense. Check these and more designs featured on our site and buy amethyst rings online from us.

The Enchanting Hues of Amethyst

The most distinct feature of the amethyst stone is its colour giving rise to varying hues. Thus, different compilations have different concoctions of purple or violet. Floating in the diffused shades and tints of purple are pretty amethyst studs of the Bloom Band, the Coloured Passion Ring, and the Amadeus Cocktail Ring. Note the sheer simplicity and brilliance that these rings radiate. Those who prefer their diamonds in every ring, make sure you gauge the range of diamond studded rims fusing to a central amethyst stone, as seen in the Sazerac Ring or the double-rimmed ambush of the Elignia Ring and the Andante Ring. The boldness of the Miela Ring and the Orabela Ring is quite a crowd-puller. These two rings are set in the biggest, yet smoothest cuts of amethyst emitting subtle violet hues. Not only is the stone well designed, but so is the rim around the fingers. Be it a simple pattern or complex design, the colour of the amethyst stone is such that it is bound to be an attention grabber. Thus, these rings qualify as party weardaily wear, cocktail rings and any other festive occasion you can possibly think of.

Floral to Chakra Designs: Buy Amethyst Rings Online

Amethyst ring designs are not confined to plain patterns. The stones could be arranged in the most dominating arrangements. The designs have proved to be so worthy over the years that they seem to be capturing the world or taking the markets by storm. If you are a fan of distinct shapes, then you must try the chakra and heart patterns of the Crown Chakra Ring and the Ultimate Love Ring respectively. The gorgeous floral patterns of the Radiance Ring and the Ambra ring are worth a glance. Take a look at the entire collection to figure out the amethyst rings’s prices and pick the most suited one or two for yourself.

Browse the series glimmering in perfect hues and buy amethyst ring designs from our ever-growing collection. We offer exclusive deals on selected pieces too. Check out the deals before you check out.

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