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Women's Amethyst Rings

Express Your Inimitable Style with Women's Amethyst Ring Designs

For any jewellery enthusiast, the appeal and allure of an amethyst ring are too hard to resist. With shimmering hues of purple, rings studded with amethysts have always made their presence felt in the jewellery collections of the royalty and the common person alike. The reasons to own this spectacular piece of jewellery may vary from one person to another, but no one can deny the beauty and charm exuded by a beautifully crafted amethyst ring. Is it a big surprise then that amethyst ring marked their permanent place in the hearts and fingers of the modern woman? Yes, women’s amethyst ring designs are a huge draw for today’s fashionistas. From pale lavender and deep purple, the colours they come in are sure to enchant you. So, isn’t it time you give your jewellery box the purple power with the amethyst rings from BlueStone’s collection?

The Undeniable Allure of Amethyst Ring Designs

Throughout the ages, amethyst has fascinated people with its stunning beauty and the special virtues attributed to it. This purple gemstone is known to stimulate the mind, soothe emotions, sharpen intelligence, bring peace, control evil thoughts, increase contentment, prevent drunkenness, and promote happiness. Regarded as the ‘Gem of Fire’ in the ancient times, this prized gem was valued no less than a diamond until the discovery of large deposits in Brazil and other countries relegated it to the group of semi-precious stones.

It also came to be associated with faithful love as St. Valentine, the messiah of romantic love is said to have worn an amethyst ring. With time, an amethyst ring became an easy and affordable way for people to experience the benefits of this wonder gem. For women, rings studded with this beautiful purple stone presented a way to exhibit their glamourous side, its beneficial traits notwithstanding.

Women's Amethyst Ring Designs by BlueStone: A Gorgeous Collection

Today’s fashionistas prefer an enticing mix of design and style for their rings. That is why our designers have come up with a gorgeous range of amethyst ring designs crafted exclusively for the modern woman. Being a leading online jeweller, our matchless collection of women’s amethyst ring designs are a reflection of immaculate craftsmanship and creativity.

Our design range includes classic, fashion, fusion, and hearts, to name a few. The beautiful hues of the purple gem are complemented by yellow and white tones of gold. Crafted in 18k gold, each ring is set with one or more sparkling gems that enhance its beauty by many notches.

Take, for instance, the Coloured Passion Ring and the Teagan Ring in our collection. The former features a round amethyst set amidst two sparkling diamonds on a simple yellow band. The latter is a piece designed to enchant. A large central amethyst, tiny twinkling diamonds, opulent emeralds, the timeless glitter of gold, contemporary appeal of white plating, and ageless charm of foliage design – well, this design has everything you need in a statement piece. We told you it is hard to say no to an artfully crafted amethyst ring, didn’t we?

Designed to Dazzle: Buy Women's Amethyst Ring Designs from BlueStone

Whether you are looking to purchase women’s amethyst ring designs for yourself or as a gift for someone, BlueStone has the perfect collection for every occasion. From spectacular rings for everyday wear to exotic rings for special occasions, you will be spoilt for choice when you choose from our collection.

If you are looking for something to wear to your workplace, you will love our Elethea Ring. With a stylish and elegant design, this ring has sparkling diamonds, a round peridot, and a pear-shaped amethyst set in gold. The Bloom Band, a simple yet elegant design in white gold is for those who want to sport a cool and classy professional look. The classy design of this white gold ring is enhanced by the round amethyst sparkling in the centre.

For festive occasions, our Crown Chakra Ring can steal the show hands down. This trendy ring has a round amethyst shining brightly against a sun-shaped design in gold. The Ambra Ring is designed for the lovers of the classic floral theme while the Deloris Ring will charm every fashionista with its open design.

Crafted With Care for Special Occasions

When you want to make heads turn at any party, our Orabela Ring can be a great choice. Crafted to be a statement piece of jewellery in itself, it has a bede-shaped amethyst crowning an intricate design in gold.

Those who think engagements are all about solitaires, emeralds, and rubies haven’t seen our Elignia Ring yet! This beautiful double shank pattern set with a central amethyst and a clear line of shimmering diamonds will put even the most exorbitantly priced solitaire ring to shame.

Men out there, take a note. Rings from this collection can also be the perfect anniversary gift for your wife. Take our Andante Ring, for instance. The emerald-cut amethyst at the centre, the sparkle of diamonds, and the radiance of white gold are enough to make her fall for this ring. Or woo her heart once more with the beauty of our Radiance Ring. This multi-stone stunner in gold flaunts seven diamonds and six amethysts in a beautiful floral design.

We have many other splendid designs to capture your heart. What’s more, we at BlueStone offer the best value for your money. That is why our women’s amethyst ring prices are competitive and affordable. So go ahead and buy women's amethyst rings online at BlueStone to experience the splendour of our collection.

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