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Amethyst Jewellery

The Intoxicating Beauty of Amethyst Jewellery Designs

In the Greek language, the word amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ or ‘sober’, which comes from an old belief that the stone has the power to protect the wearer from drunkenness. Whether the stone prevents drunkenness or not, jewellery made from it is sure to intoxicate you with its beauty and sheen. Take a look at the amethyst jewellery designs offered by BlueStone and you will know what we mean. The elegantly and artfully designs earrings, rings, pendants, and other pieces of amethyst jewellery in our collection surely give you a happy high.

Amethyst Jewellery through Ages

In the world of gemstones, amethyst has a long and rich history to boast of. Traditionally, the colour purple has been associated with royalty and unsurprisingly, amethyst was a stone of the kings and monarchs in the medieval period. It was greatly favoured by Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Greeks not only wore amethyst as jewellery but also embedded it in goblets because they believed that the stone had the power to prevent intoxication.

Amethysts are the most popular and perhaps the most valued stone in the quartz family. Though it is typically associated with purple, the colour of amethysts can range from pale lavender to rich violet. The stone was worn by soldiers in the medieval period and Anglican bishops, among many others. Coming to the Orient, the Tibetans associated amethysts with Buddha and they made purple rosaries with this stone. In olden days, it was considered to be one the cardinal stones and was as valuable just as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Amethysts fell from this royal status and became less precious with large deposits found in Brazil, Uruguay, and other neighbouring countries.

Amethysts Rings and Pendants in Gold and White Gold

At BlueStone, we offer a great range of amethyst ornaments made of yellow and white gold. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so if you are a Piscean, you have a good reason to buy your favourite pieces from our collection.

The Deloris Ring, made of 18kt gold, features two beautiful round cut amethysts and the diamonds embedded on the ring adds to its sparkle. The Elethea Ring features a teardrop shaped amethyst, a round shaped peridot, and several sparkling diamonds on its 18kt gold body. The Bloom Band and the Andante Ring, both made of 18kt white gold, will enchant you with their deep purple colour while the Miela Ring is for the lovers of pale lavender hue. The Teagan Ring has everything you want – the charm of amethysts, the sparkle of diamonds, and the evergreen luxury of emeralds.

In pendants, we have the Futuristic Pendant and the Blue-Blooded Pendant, both featuring amethysts on a rectangular gold body. Those looking for intricate patterns can opt for our Orabela Pendant and complete the look with the Orabela Ring and the Orabela Stud Earrings from the collection. The Erica Pendant is for the lovers of the timeless floral theme and the Edgy Femme Ring is sure to captivate you with its contemporary fusion design.

Amethysts are widely used in making chakra jewellery and the colour purple is associated with the crown chakra or head chakra. For those who want to add a bit of spirituality into their jewellery collection, BlueStone offers elegant pieces of crown chakra jewellery – earrings, rings, and pendants - made of gold and studded with amethysts.

Amethyst Earrings in Passionate Purple Hues

Earrings made with different shades of amethyst exude a charm that is hard to resist. From simple stud designs to heavily designed chandeliers, you can find everything you need to flaunt your fine jewellery tastes.

Take, for instance, the Ethea Earrings and the Pomona Earrings in our collection. These classic stud designs might be simple in design but the presence of deep purple takes their beauty to a different level. The Rahela Earrings and the Aramel Earrings are made of white gold and they add a definite wow factor to your jewellery collection.

For the lovers of drops and danglers, we have the Magnetic Femme Earrings, the Miela Drop Earrings, and the Baylee Drop Earrings. If you want to adorn your ears with a pair of earrings made in the classic hoop style, go for our Ellison Hoop Earrings.

Fancy wearing something that makes you stand apart with its design ingenuity? Our amethyst Sui Dhaga Earrings are your best bet here and you can choose from our collection that includes the Lilac Lucent Earrings made of white gold and the Shanti Drop Earrings made of gold. If you have a penchant for large size chandelier earrings, Aisha Chandelier Earrings or the Billie Chandelier Earrings made of gold are your right picks.

Amethyst Jewellery Designs for Kids

Kids take an instant liking to all shades of violet, and that’s why our designers have come up with a cute collection of amethyst jewellery for your little princess. The Taren Earrings for Kids, a simple floral stud, is ideal for your daughter who has got her ears pierced for the first time. The Sightly Swan Pendant for Kids and the Darling Duckling Pendant for Kids are sure to win the heart of your little one. 

We have set our amethyst jewellery prices at a highly affordable range and we have a great range of ornaments priced below INR 10000. After all, nothing should stop you from displaying your regal charisma with a piece of uniquely designed amethyst jewellery.

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