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Amethyst Earrings

The Violet Hues: Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst, the beautiful purple to the violet variety of the quartz stone mainly derives its beautiful colour from trace elements and impurities in the form of iron. Jewellery containing amethyst stones ought to be tinted in various shades of purple. Take a look at the range of amethyst earring designs on display at BlueStone today. You are bound to fall in love with our trending collection. Giving a significant colour pop, amethysts add glamour and uniqueness to the pieces of artsy jewellery. It is believed that the amethyst stone is signifies the power of healing and balancing energy. Just like most of the other stones, amethyst too holds a strong significance in healing. It is believed to have prevented the ancient Greeks from drunkenness. February babies, this stone is for you. Whether you are February born or not, dive into the umpteen options of amethyst pieces and buy amethyst earring designs.

The Tinted Studs: Buy Amethyst Earrings Online

Beautifully tinted stud earrings are amongst the simplest, yet glamorous elements of the amethyst earring designs. These are primarily amethyst stones in circles, semi-circles or tiny specs arranged to represent bigger wholes. Talking of circular patterns, some of the most common stud designs include the form of chakras, flowers, and spheres. Some of the best chakras and florets are depicted in the Crown Chakra Earrings, the Erica Stud Earrings, and the Pomona Earrings. Dazzling in a stream of diamonds and specs of amethyst are the pretty spherical designs of the Fashion Aura Earrings, the Orabela Stud Earrings, and the Ethea Earrings. If you are looking at cuboids, try the smooth cuts of diamonds and amethyst in the Rahela Earrings and the play of pink sapphire and purple amethyst in the Safyra Earrings. How can we forget the tiny toddlers and children? For them, we have pretty flowers set in the Taren Earrings for Kids.

Edgy Delights: Buy Amethyst Earring Designs

Designs that differentiate themselves from the rest of the lot are the ones that flaunt unique patterns and edgy styles. Set in different formats, comprising of amethyst stones and diamonds are the one-of-a-kind pieces of the Aramel Earrings, the Magnetic Femme Earrings, and the Lilac Lucent Earrings. While the Aramel Earrings has winged ridges emerging out in studded diamonds, the latter two are more of a lengthy format. Then there are earrings with a twist like the Butterfly Mismatch Earrings with an amethyst pop leading down to a chain of diamond butterfly and the other plain gold-rimmed butterfly. The Modus Earrings comprise of three different shapes in one with a central triangular diamond. One of the most stylish pieces of the collection is the Edgy Femme Earrings wherein you have a play of spheres and razor sharp cuts set in diamonds and a central amethyst piece. Whatever be your favourite style, you can easily buy amethyst earrings online from the BlueStone website. 

The Dazzling Danglers

A woman must possess a dangler or chandelier earrings. These long chains of gold in different patterns could really amplify your glamour quotient. There are drop earrings too that could look very dressy and party-like. Compare the amethyst earrings price across our collection and choose the piece that works the best for you. Some of the pretty drop earrings include the Ethea Drop Earrings, the Baylee Drop Earrings, the Miela Drop Earrings, the Erica Drop Earrings and the Jenella Drop Earrings. Set in the most exorbitant display of glimmer and glamour are the heavy duty pieces of chandelier earrings. They are heavier in weight and without fail make it to the top of the special occasion list. Strutting in the majestic play are the Aisha Chandelier Earrings and the Billie Chandelier Earrings. If you are looking for something a tad different, try the fancy combination of pinwheel and spheres as in the Fiesty Femme Earrings or the twirling hoops of the Ellison Hoop Earrings.

The range is ever-growing. Take your time and explore our designs from the comfort of your home. With exclusive deals and home try-on facility, we are committed to making your jewellery shopping a pleasurable experience.

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