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22k Gold Earrings

22k gold earrings have been the show stealer from ages and it has not changed ever since. Every woman out there loves to flaunt themselves with new gold jewellery designs and attract the attention of everyone. 

Of all the purities in gold, 22k gold is the most purchased. 24k despite being 100% pure is soft in nature and hence the resultant jewellery is soft too, indicating not so durable. While in 22k gold, the purity of gold reduces to 91.67% and the remaining comprises of metals like silver, zinc, nickel and other alloys. This combination of gold alloy mix is most preferred as they retain the gold look and also become strong enough to be moulded into beautiful mesmerizing designs. There is yet another combination available known as 18k gold which is combined in 3:1 ratio (3 being gold and 1 being other alloys).

The past decade has seen an increased tendency among jewellery lovers to buy 22k gold earrings online. 

The Helen 22k Gold Earring Design

You ought to take a look at this marvellous creation. It is one of my favourites and worth the buy. This earring is in ring form and has small to big leaves pattern on it. It has a wonderful click lock at the back for easy wear and removal. Take a look at this and I bet you may not have a second thought in buying The Helen online from BlueStone.

The Lovely Bow Earrings for Kids

This cute bow earring is one of the must pick 22k gold earring designs for kids. With its height and width being only 9.4x7.8 mm, it still stands out and would make your princess shine.  It weighs approximately 2.758 grams and comes at a very reasonable price.

The Flower of the Innocence Earrings

This is an all-age-group earring to own. No matter what your age is, if you are a girl, you ought to own one. Flower symbolizes innocence and does multiply if worn by a woman. The 2.144-gram earring sure suits every individual’s pockets as it falls below Rs 10,000 slab for 22k gold earrings price.

The Rujula Earrings

This heart-shaped 22k gold earring designs is another heartthrob for many. It has two hearts one of gold and the inner of white gold. It looks stunning and is just of 2.695 grams and also fits the below 10,000 budget range of earrings. This pair of stud earrings is a good match with daily wear and will certainly insist you to buy it.

There are plenty of options available to buy 22k gold earrings online which allow you to shortlist and order a trial. The trial does not mean you ought to purchase the ring, rather if you don’t like any, you could avoid purchasing them and look for other collections to suit your taste at no extra cost. BlueStone also has experts who can guide you while making a purchase.

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