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    14k Gold Jewellery

    14k Gold Jewellery Designs: Pieces that Endure the Test of Time

    According to the World Gold Council, 14k gold is a mix of gold, silver, and copper. Alloying is the process of mixing metals and alloying gold results in enhanced durability which gives the jewellery manufacturer a superior canvas to create wonderful designs. At BlueStone we add value to your online shopping experience by offering you tastefully crafted 14k gold jewellery designs. Take a look at our designs and get ready to fall in love with gold, all over again.

    Glow with Gold: Buy 14k Gold Jewellery Designs

    At BlueStone we believe in creating wearable jewellery that appeals to your senses. From rings to pendants, and from cuff links to bracelets and earrings, our 14k jewellery collection is an eclectic mix. Our designs are unique and appeal to both the traditional and modern jewellery enthusiasts.

    14k Gold Jewellery Designs: An Ever-growing Range

    In the pendants collection, we have the Om pendant series displaying the most sacred icon of Hindu religions in various designs. Om is the primal, spiritual symbol in Hinduism and is considered holy in other religions like Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism too. The Adwaya Pendant and the Aum Pendant have the sacred syllable set in diamonds and gold. The Prathmeshwara Pendant and the Divine Hanuman Pendant are trend setters with the image of Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman’s combined with the Om symbol. One more auspicious mark of the Hindus - the Swastika is embellished with rubies in the Amal Swastik Pendant and the Swacch Swastika Pendant.

    When divinity meets beauty, we get the Shubhan Pendant with the Lord Ganesha’s figure. The Janardhana Pendant and the Jagadisha Pendant are adorable reminders of the mischief maker of Mathura.

    We have the star and heart-shaped Naaval Bracelet which can also double up as a bangle. The Impressive Legend earring is a threader earring adorned with rubies, off white pearls and diamonds. The lean and strong design has been made possible with the magic of 14k gold.

    Power Dressing for Men: Buy 14k Gold Jewellery Online

    Wedding rings and cufflinks in the men’s jewellery segment are inimitable ways of wearing everyday jewellery. In our wedding bands collection, diamonds are set in fascinating patterns – circles, squares, lines and knit. The use of 14k gold in wedding rings is in vogue as the alloying gold adds brawn to the texture and makes it scratch proof. A wedding ring is a unique jewel and we have created The Unfading Bond Ring, the Forever Bond Ring, and the Timeless Bond Rings to make your memories more memorable.

    Men’s Cufflinks are designed to complete your look. We have an array of smartly designed cufflinks to choose from in 14k jewellery range. In the seventeenth century ribbons were used to tie the cuffs and this later gave way to the invention of jeweled buttons adorning the cuffs. At BlueStone, we have the functional and regal look of cufflinks with diamonds set in prestigious patterns. The Calvin Cufflinks and the Dwyn Cufflinks have a simple yet elegant design and they are embellished with a single diamond. For special occasions, the Gyles Cufflinks and the Elroy Cufflinks complete the celebratory look. Add power to your boardroom persona using our rectangular Pearce Cufflinks. For social gatherings and Black Tie events, choose the classy circular Dunstan Cufflinks.

    Interesting bracelet designs are available for men in our 14k jewellery collection. You can go subtle and colourful with the artistically designed Maharaja Bracelet with rubies and the Champion’s Bracelet with the light green emeralds.

    At BlueStone, we have an exclusive collection of affordable 14k gold jewellery. Diamonds, white gold, and gold are used extensively to bring to you masterpieces that are rare. So pick up the pieces that entice you and don’t let the escalating gold prices bother you. Because we have kept our 14k gold jewellery price affordable and reasonable. Add these stunning pieces to your everyday collection today without worrying about the budget.

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