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    14k Jewellery

    Stunning 14k Jewellery Designs: Where Aesthetic Beauty Meets Affordability

    Jewellery lovers know their gold, and they have made 14kt gold amongst the most popular gold purities in the world of jewellery. Considering the choices of our patrons is something that we do quite well. And as an extension of this understanding, we have curated a collection of exquisite 14kt gold jewellery that gives tough competition to gold jewellery made with the precious metal of greater purity. Whether you are a pro at buying gold jewellery or just a novice venturing into the glorious world of all things gold, you will love our 14k jewellery designs. Breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly durable, the pieces in our 14k jewellery collection will sweep you off the ground for the right reasons.

    The Making of 14kt Gold: Getting into the Details

    Amongst all the banter about the different purities of gold, most of which confuses even the most prolific gold jewellery buyer, are the facts that you will find here. To start with, do you know what 14kt gold is and how it is made? The purest form of gold, as you must know, is 24 carat. The purity of 14kt is achieved by mixing 100 percent pure gold with a variety of other metals, such as copper, zinc, nickel, etc. These metals combine with pure gold, which is extremely soft in naure, to form an alloy that is considerably more durable as compared to pure gold. A piece of jewellery made of 14k gold has 14 parts of pure gold and the remaining parts are comprised of other metals. If you want to arrive at the percentage purity of 14kt gold, all you have to do is divide the caratage, 14 in this case, by 24, the maximum caratage possible. So the percent purity of 14kt gold is 58.3 percent, the amount of pure gold in 14kt gold jewellery. Understanding gold purity is as simple as that.

    Benefits of 14k Gold Jewellery: Versatility Is Only One of Them

    One of the reasons why 14k gold jewellery has increasingly become popular all over the world is its versatility. Pure gold has the limitation of being too soft, which makes it difficult for it to be moulded to your liking. Even if you are successful in giving it a shape you desire, it will not hold that shape for very long. Another disadvantage of high purity gold jewellery that is easily overcome in 14kt gold jewellery is the susceptibility to scratches. High purity gold jewellery is vulnerable to scratches due to the softness of pure gold. Whereas, 14kt jewellery is strong and durable. Since it is hard, it doesn’t scratch as easily as high purity gold and, therefore, lasts longer and gives you the worth for your investment. So, if you are looking for a piece of jewellery for everyday or regular use, one made of 14k gold is, by all means, your best bet.

    The high durability of 14kt gold makes it the ideal choice for designing versatile pieces of jewellery, shaped and moulded the way you want. Other than its durability, 14kt jewellery also comes with great affordability as compared to high purity gold jewellery. You can experience the double bargain for yourself when you buy 14k jewellery designs at BlueStone. While our 14k jewellery price is easy on your pocket, there’s no compromise on the quality or the beauty of the pieces we have handpicked for you. You can indulge your love of fine gold jewellery without worrying about your bank balance when you shop with us!

    Boardroom Essentials: Cufflinks That Create a Lasting Impression

    Being experts in all form of fine jewellery, we have curated an assortment of suave cufflinks in our collection of 14kt gold jewellery that are more than just picture perfect pieces. Whether you are an ultra modern, cosmopolitan man who revels in the luxury of fine craftsmanship or a traditional man who likes to keep his attire crisp like he means business, you will find an instant connection with the cufflinks we have in store for you. Take formal dressing to the next level with the Calvin Cufflinks. They are pure gold delights and are made of 14kt gold, studded with a diamond that adds just the right amount of shine to this extremely stunning pair. From the boardroom to anywhere you go, there are going to be talks about your fine taste and charismatic dressing — don’t say that we didn’t give you a heads-up.

    The Barney Cufflinks are square-shaped, diamond-studded cufflinks made of 14kt gold. Add two rows of diamonds to a unique design and you have an absolute stunner of a cufflink! Then there’s the pair of Dwyn Cufflinks that give a whole new perspective to the art of cufflink designing. Their elaborate design along with a central diamond on each of the pair make them a must have for all those special occasions where even tiny details of your getup matter. Amongst other pieces featuring superior craftsmanship, there are the Pearce Cufflinks, the Gyles Cufflinks, the Elroy Cufflinks, and the Dunstan Cufflinks that are all wardrobe essentials.

    Did you find enough reasons to buy 14k jewellery online from us? Browse the collection we have laid out for you at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery partner. You are in for a 14kt treat.

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